Helderberg Nature Reserve

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Helderberg Nature Reserve
Helderberg Nature Reserve - Cape Town SA 1.jpg
Helderberg mountainside
Map showing the location of Helderberg Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Helderberg Nature Reserve
Map of Cape Town
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Coordinates 34°01′59″S 18°52′28″E / 34.03306°S 18.87444°E / -34.03306; 18.87444Coordinates: 34°01′59″S 18°52′28″E / 34.03306°S 18.87444°E / -34.03306; 18.87444
Area 398 ha (980 acres)
Established 1960

Helderberg Nature Reserve is a 398-hectare (980-acre) nature reserve in Cape Town, South Africa.[1]

This nature reserve is located on the southern slopes of the Helderberg mountains. Its 398 ha consist mostly of “Kogelberg Sandstone Fynbos” (an incredibly species-rich vegetation type) with smaller patches of “Boland Granite Fynbos” and “Southern Afrotemperate Forest”. Altogether about 600 species of plant have been recorded here, including a wide range of proteas. Particularly prominent plants include the pincushion proteas (Leucospermum sp.), cone bushes (Leucadendron sp.), sugar bushes (Protea sp.), heaths (Erica sp.) and the waboom tree (Protea nitida).[2]

Animals that can be found here include the Cape leopard, caracal, grey duiker, Cape grysbok, steenbok, mongoose, angulate and padloper tortoises and over 170 species of bird.

The reserve hosts outdoor music concerts in the summer, and has a café, picnic area, gift shop, Environmental Education Centre and museum displays.[3]

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