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Helen Graham (DPhil, Oxford) is an English historian, the Professor of Modern Spanish History at the Department of History, Royal Holloway University of London.[1]


Her research interests social and cultural history of 1930s and 40s Spain, including the Spanish civil war; inter-war Europe (1918–39); comparative civil wars; the social construction of state power in 1940s Spain; women under Francoism; comparative gender history.

Published works[edit]

Book Year Type Published Other
The French and Spanish Popular Fronts: Comparative Perspectives 1989 Non-fiction Cambridge U.P. with Martin S. Alexander
Socialism and War. The Spanish Socialist Party in Power and Crisis 1936-1939 1991 Non-fiction Cambridge U.P.
Spanish Cultural Studies. An Introduction 1995 Non-fiction Oxford U.P. with Jo Labanyi
Spain 1936. Resistance and revolution. The Flaws in the Front in Opposing Fascism 1999 Non-fiction Cambridge U.P. eds Tim Kirk & Anthony McElligott
The Spanish Republic at War 1936-1939 2002 Non-fiction Cambridge U.P.
The Spanish Civil War. A Very Short Introduction 2005 Non-fiction Oxford U.P.
"The memory of murder: mass killing, incarceration and the making of Francoism" 2008 Non-fiction in War Memories, Memory Wars. Political Violence in Twentieth-Century Spain
Paper Year Type Published Other
"Against the State: a genealogy of the Barcelona May Days of 1937" 1999 European History Quarterly 29:4 (Oct. 1999) pp. 485–542


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