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Helen Lewis
Born 1983 (age 34–35)
Nationality British
Other names Helen Lewis-Hasteley
Alma mater
Occupation Journalist, editor

Helen Lewis (born 1983) is a British journalist and the deputy editor of the New Statesman.[1] She has also written for The Guardian[2] and The Sunday Times.

Life and career[edit]

Lewis read English at St Peter's College, Oxford, and after graduating, gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism from London's City University. Subsequently, she was accepted on the Daily Mail's programme for trainee sub-editors, working in the job for a few years, and later joining the team responsible for commissioning features for the newspaper.

For five years,[3] from August 2006,[4] Lewis ran a networking scheme, open to all young journalists, called Schmooze and Booze, for which she organised events held in a Central London pub every other month.[3] Lewis commented in 2007 that older colleagues, who had worked with each other for quite a long time, all seemed to know each other, while her contemporaries did not.[5]

Lewis was appointed as Deputy Editor of the New Statesman in May 2012,[6] after becoming Assistant Editor in 2010.[7] She is married to the journalist Jonathan Haynes.[8]

Lewis's law[edit]

Lewis's law is an eponymous law taken from her observation that "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism". Lewis first made the observation on Twitter on 9 August 2012,[9] and it was quoted afterwards in Wired UK[10] as part of a piece on the Donglegate incident, in which an engineer and a self-styled "developer evangelist" were fired after the latter accused two engineers sitting behind her of making sexual jokes at PyCon 2013.


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