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Helen McNulty (born November 6, 1980) Irvinestown, County Fermanagh is an Irish artist and active cultural worker in Dublin, Ireland. She is also co-founder and producer of Ireland's first Polish Theatre company, Polish Theatre ireland.[1][2]

Born and raised in Irvinestown, she is one of seven children by Francis and Teresa McNulty, and moved to Leicester United Kingdom in 1999 to follow a passion in Performance art after spending much of her childhood painting. While in Leicester she performed self written pieces of performance art / live art as well as co-organising the Live Art festival ...seen... which ran in Leicester from 2002-2004 both as a festival and as an artist collective. She was also a member of the Improv Comedy group Bachman Turner Improvise until 2006.

She returned to Fermanagh in 2006 after an upheaval in life and focussed mainly on painting again, and abandoned performance to study colour, light and water in more depth. In 2007, she embarked on a new phase of her career in Dublin, as an artist, writer and producer of plays and a promoter for jazz and improvised music with Improvised Music Company


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