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Helen Steward
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OccupationAnalytic philosopher
Known forPhilosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

Helen Steward (born 1965 in Chester) is a British Philosopher. She is currently Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Action at the University of Leeds. Her research focusses on Philosophy of Action, Free Will, Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics.[1]


Helen Steward is Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Action at the University of Leeds.[1] Her interests include the metaphysics and ontology of mind and agency; the free will problem; the relation between humans and animals; and the philosophy of causation and explanation.[2] She joined the University of Leeds in 2007, having previously been a Tutorial Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford for fourteen years. She obtained a D.Phil from Oxford University in 1992, a B.Phil in 1988 and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 1986. In February 2015 she was awarded a Research Leadership Fellowship by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.[3]



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Selected articles[edit]

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  • ‘Responses’, Inquiry 56 (2013): 681-706. (Contains Steward's responses to the comments of eight authors on her monograph, A Metaphysics for Freedom, to which a special issue of Inquiry was dedicated).
  • 'Processes, Continuants and Individuals', Mind 122 (2013): 781-812
  • 'Actions as Processes', Philosophical Perspectives 26:1 (2012): 373-88

Other publications[edit]

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