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Helena Sophia Ekblom, known as Predikare-Lena (Preacher-Lena) and Vita jungfrun (The White Maiden), (24 June 1790 – 1859) was a Swedish writer and preacher.[1][2]

Life and career[edit]

Helena Ekblom was born in Östergötland. Her father worked as a sailor. At the age of nine, she claimed to have had a religious revelation. In 1806, she began her activity as a travelling preacher. As she was always dressed in white during her sermons, she was called The White Maiden. In 1808, she was placed in the Vadstena mental asylum. During her stay at the institution, she wrote a book about her revelations, which was published in several editions until 1920.

In 1828, she was released from the asylum and continued her activity as a travelling preacher. She was eventually housed by a farmer. During her old age, she became confused. She died by freezing to death in the snow during winter.


  • Den andeliga striden, wälment författad af Jungfru Helena Sophia Ekblom (The spiritual battle, written in wellmeaning by Maiden Helena Sophia Ekblom)

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