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Helene Elliott is an American sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times who is a general sports columnist. She is the first female journalist to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, receiving the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award for bringing "honor to journalism and to hockey" in 2005.

One of the first women to cover the sport, Elliott began her career in the late 1970s when many locker rooms and press boxes were closed to women, except by court order. As such, she often had to wait for hours after games ended to conduct interviews. She has covered almost all major events in ice hockey, including every Stanley Cup Finals since 1980, the "Miracle on Ice" defeat of the Soviet Union national team by the U.S. team in the 1980 Winter Olympics, and the growth of hockey on the West Coast fueled by Wayne Gretzky's arrival to the Los Angeles Kings.

She is married to author Dennis D'Agostino, a former publicist with the New York Mets and Knicks.

In 2006, after many years of covering hockey and Olympic sports, she became a general sports columnist.