Heletz oil field

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Heletz oil field
Heletz oil field is located in Israel
Heletz oil field
Location of the Heletz oil field within Israel
Country Israel
Region Southern District
Location Heletz
Offshore/onshore Onshore
Coordinates 31°34′11.1″N 34°36′57.13″E / 31.569750°N 34.6158694°E / 31.569750; 34.6158694Coordinates: 31°34′11.1″N 34°36′57.13″E / 31.569750°N 34.6158694°E / 31.569750; 34.6158694
Operator Avenue Energy
Field history
Discovery 1955
Start of development 1955
Start of production 1960
Estimated oil in place 12.9 million tonnes
(~ 15.0×10^6 m3 or 94.4 MMbbl)

The Heletz oil field is an Israeli oil field that was discovered in 1955. It is one of the biggest on-shore oil fields in Israel. It began production in 1960 and produces oil. Its oil proven reserves are about 94.4 million barrels (15.01×10^6 m3).[1]

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