Helga Guitton

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Helga Guitton
Born (1942-12-18) 18 December 1942 (age 74)
Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany (now Kaliningrad, Russia)
Occupation Disc Jockey, Television Presenter
Years active 1965 - Present

Helga Guitton (born 18 December 1942) is a German radio and television presenter. She was a disc jockey and interviewer for RTL and was presenter of the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest.

Guitton worked for RTL from 1964 to 1994.[1] On Radio Luxemburg she co-hosted Tag Schatz, Tag Scherz with Jochen Pützenbacher, who later recalled that they worked so well together, there were rumours they were romantically involved. In 1983 she insisted on co-hosting a memorial programme for a colleague who had died of cancer, to give him moral support, but broke down crying.[1] She hosted the weekday evening programme Viva – die Lust, zu leben, which included quizzes and interviews as well as music. In the 1990s she worked for RTL plus, now RTL television; in 1988 she was engaged with Rainer Holbe to moderate a sexy interview show, "Kopfkissen-Gespräche bei Prominenten" (Pillow talk with VIPs);[2] she later called these "Liebe ist..." interviews her most successful and enjoyable work, while she called Radio Telex her greatest failure.[1] Her 1985 interview with a combative Klaus Kinski, who ate and drank throughout, only half an hour of which was broadcast, appears on the DVD Kinski Talks I, issued by WDR in 2010.[3][4]

On 7 April 1973, she was the presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest.[5]

After leaving broadcasting, Guitton became a style and behaviour coach.[1]


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