Helgafell (volcano)

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Helgafell, Heimaey, Islas Vestman, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-17, DD 013.JPG
The cone of the dormant Helgafell volcano seen from the summit rim of Eldfell volcano
Highest point
Elevation 227 m (745 ft)
Coordinates 63°25′45″N 20°15′36″W / 63.42917°N 20.26000°W / 63.42917; -20.26000Coordinates: 63°25′45″N 20°15′36″W / 63.42917°N 20.26000°W / 63.42917; -20.26000
Helgafell is located in Iceland
Location Heimaey, Iceland
Age of rock 5,000 years
Last eruption 3950 BCE ± 300 years

Helgafell is an inactive 227-metre-high[1] volcanic cone located on the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago in Iceland.

The Stórhöfði peninsula immediately to the south of Helgafell in what is now southern Heimaey formed about 6000 years ago,[2] with Helgafell forming from a secondary eruption a thousand years later.[1][2] Immediately north of Helgafell is the active volcano Eldfell, which last erupted January 23, 1973.[3]

Helgafell is a dormant cone volcano. Since Eldfell, (which is a slightly shorter volcano) erupted in 1973, it's very likely that Helgafell will erupt again too.[citation needed]


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