Helgi Ólafsson

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Helgi Ólafsson, 2013

Helgi Ólafsson (born 15 August 1956) is an Icelandic chess grandmaster who won the Icelandic Chess Championship six times and, as of 2009, holds an Elo rating of 2522.

A native of Heimaey, the largest and sole populated island in the Vestmannaeyjar [Westmen Isles] archipelago off the south coast of Iceland, Helgi was sixteen when the Bobby FischerBoris Spassky World Chess Championship 1972, dubbed the chess world's "Match of the Century", was held in Reykjavík. He subsequently became one of a group of Icelandic chess prodigies who emerged in its aftermath, achieving, himself, the title of grandmaster in 1985.

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