Hellier de Carteret

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Hellier de Carteret
Seigneur of Sark
Reign 1563-1578
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Philippe de Carteret I
Spouse Margaret de Carteret
Issue Philippe de Carteret I
Father Edouard de Carteret

Hellier de Carteret (fl. 1563–1578) was the first Seigneur of Sark, reigning from 1563 to 1578. He was the son of Edouard de Carteret, Seigneur of Saint Ouen (d. 1533), and grandson of Philip De Carteret, 8th Seigneur of St Ouen.

It was Hellier's idea and initiative to re-cultivate the deserted island in 1563, and he was rewarded by being granted, by a Letters Patent, the fief in 1565 by Elizabeth I. He was also Seigneur of Saint Open in Jersey. He married his cousin, Margaret de Carteret. She was the widow of Clement Dumaresq and daughter of the bailiff Helier de Carteret, the uncle and namesake to the Seigneur of Sark. Hellier and Margaret's son was Philippe de Carteret I.


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Preceded by
establishment of fief
Seigneur of Sark
Succeeded by
Philippe de Carteret I