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Hélio Waldman is a Brazilian scientist best known for his work as rector of the Universidade Federal do ABC, UFABC (2010–2014) and as dean of research at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Unicamp (1986–1990). Currently working as a researcher and rector of UFABC.


Waldman has served as:[1]


Published Books[edit]

  • Telecomunicações: Princípios e Tendências (in English: Telecommunications: Principles and Trends). 1997, Editor Erica, São Paulo.
  • Fibras Opticas: Tecnologia e Projeto de Sistemas (in English: Optical Fibers: Technology and Systems Design). 1991, Makron Books, New York.
  • Processamento de Sinais Digitais (in English: Digital Signal Processing). 1987, La Kapelusz Editorial, Buenos Aires.



Preceded by
Adalberto Fazzio
Rector of UFABC
2010 - 2014
Succeeded by
Klaus Capelle

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