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Helix QAC, formerly QA·C is a commercial static code analysis software tool produced by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based software vendor Perforce Software. The software was originally developed in 1986 by UK-based Programming Research Limited (PRQA) for the C language. Perforce acquired PRQA in May 2018.[1]

Helix QAC was used to make the C source code measurements given in the book Safer C by Les Hatton.[2]

HeliX QAC can be used for quality assurance of C source code and checking the code for conformance to coding guidelines such as MISRA C. Other functionality includes the ability to calculate code metrics for projects with large code-bases.

The tools operate through an integrated development environment (IDE) designed to help maintain and understand old and new code using detailed cross references and a variety of graphical views. The tools can be used with a command line interface, and graphical IDE can be called to display the result.[citation needed]

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