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Helix Sleep
HeadquartersNew York, New York
Area served
United States, Canada

Helix Sleep is a privately held, U.S.-based, e-commerce brand platform, operating a portfolio of home goods brands. Helix Sleep aims to change the way people sleep by bringing customization to the sleep category through individually personalized, custom-made mattresses.[1][2] Birch by Helix is an all-natural and sustainable sleep brand, with 100% organic certified products.[3] Finally, Allform by Helix brings high-end product quality and extreme modularity to the sofa category.[4]

The company is headquartered in New York City. All mattresses and sofas are manufactured in the US, and the company ships product to the United States and Canada.


Helix Sleep was founded by Adam Tishman, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Jerry Lin in 2015.[5] The co-founders met at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School MBA program. They bonded over the transition of moving to a new city and the struggles of buying a new mattress. They discovered that the mattress industry was broken and they wanted to fix it.[6] On August 4, 2015, the Helix Sleep website was launched.[7] Prior to the launch, the company raised a seed round investment from angel investors.[6]

The company expanded its delivery service to reach customers in Canada in January 2016.[8]

Helix Sleep announced that it had raise Series A funding in August 2016.[9] Investors included Double J Capital, Great Oaks VC, Simon Venture Group, WIT, Jonathan Klein, and Jess Itzler.[10]

The company launched the Birch by Helix brand in May 2019.[11] The Allform brand was launched in May 2020.[12]


The Helix Sleep brand gives customers a questionnaire to learn about their height and weight, how they sleep, and how firm their mattresses usually are and uses that data to match users to the perfect mattress.[13]

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