Hell's Kitchen (U.S. season 4)

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Hell's Kitchen (U.S. season 4)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 15
Original network Fox
Original release April 1 (2008-04-01) – July 8, 2008 (2008-07-08)
Season chronology
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Season 4 of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen began airing on the Fox Network starting on April 1, 2008.[1][2] The show was originally planned to air later in the season, but instead was aired as a replacement for shows that were affected by the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike.[1]

Culinary student Christina Machamer won the season and was awarded a "senior sous chef" position with a $250,000 salary at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood[3][4] – not an executive chef as mentioned in show-related publicity and press releases.[5] The London West Hollywood restaurant opened on May 27, 2008, while the series was still airing.[3][4]

Production location[edit]

This season was filmed in the warehouse district in Culver City, California.

Sous chefs and Maître d'hôtel[edit]

Opening sequence/credits[edit]

Unlike the previous three seasons, this is the first season to feature a cinematic intro using live-action. It depicts the contestants, all shrunken down as they work about the kitchen.


There were 15 chefs (8 men and 7 women) who competed in season 4 and was the only Hell's Kitchen season to have an uneven number of chefs compete compared to 12 from the previous three seasons.

Contestant Age Occupation Hometown
Robert "Bobby" Anderson 37 Executive Chef Niagara Falls, New York
Benjamin "Ben" Caylor 29 Electrician & Former Chef Charlotte, North Carolina
Dominic DiFrancesco 43 Stay-at-home Father Catawba, South Carolina
Corey Earling 25 Private Chef Brooklyn, New York
Louross Edralin 24 Hotel Cook Las Vegas, Nevada
Rosann Fama 33 Law office receptionist & Former Cook Staten Island, New York
Jennifer "Jen" Gavin 24 Garde Manger Chicago, Illinois
Vanessa Gunnell 31 Line Cook Bozeman, Montana
Christina Machamer 25 Culinary Student St. Louis, Missouri
Louis "Petrozza" Petrozza 47 Catering Director Charlotte, North Carolina
Shayna Raichilson-Zadok 28 Catering Company Owner Buffalo, New York
Craig Schneider 30 Sous Chef Coram, New York
Matthew "Matt" Sigel 35 Sous Chef Pine Hill, New Jersey
Sharon Stewart 31 Room-service chef Las Vegas, Nevada
Jason Underwood 29 Sous Chef Youngstown, Ohio

Contestant progress[edit]

Each week, the best member (as determined by Ramsay) from the losing team during the latest service period was asked to nominate two of their teammates for elimination; one of these two was sent home by Ramsay. In Episode 1, the teams selected captains for service, though Ramsay changed both captains during service.

Original teams First
Second switch Individual Finals
No. Chef 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414/15
14 Sharon WIN OUT
15 Dominic OUT
  1. ^ a b c d Chef was nominated by Ramsay
  2. ^ a b Although nominated, chef was not called down by Ramsay


No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
34 1 "15 Chefs Compete" April 1, 2008 12.55 16

15 chefs arrived at Los Angeles International Airport and were driven to Hell's Kitchen, unaware Chef Ramsay was accompanying them in disguise. When they arrived, they met Jean-Philippe and each chef took turns impersonating Ramsay, who then revealed himself to the chefs.

Signature dishes: The chefs were given 45 minutes to create their signature dish. Vanessa's pan-seared halibut was chosen as the best, with Rosann's spicy mussel soup also getting good feedback, while Ben's dish was deemed "not bad", if boring. The remaining dishes were poorly received; Craig's dish was too sweet and he was scolded for wearing a chef's hat, Jen served raw rice despite her beliefs otherwise, Ramsay described Corey's dish as plain and Jason's as something that would not even pass as something tinned. Shayna burnt her protein, though Matt's exotic tartar received the worst review with Ramsay spitting it out straight away (he would later criticise Matt throughout the season for this dish). Ramsay found Dominic's dish boring, Petrozza's hen-in-a-pumpkin both bizarre and dry, and told Sharon her dish was not up to scratch. Christina's dish was ruined by "terrible execution" despite a good concept, Ramsay scolded Louross for keeping it very simple and Bobby for deep-frying his fish, which he found lazy.

Captains: For the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, the teams were each told to choose a captain. The women quickly decided on Vanessa, who had had the best signature dish the previous day, and as a result, were able to learn the menu before the next day's dinner service. The men all wanted to be leader, so spent a long time arguing before agreeing on Bobby.

Service: Ramsay was shocked to hear that the men had not learnt the menu, though the women had. Petrozza and Shayna served tableside amuse-bouche. In the red kitchen, Sharon served bland and then over-seasoned risotto, causing Ramsay to replace her with Jen, who cooked appetizers correctly, but ruined quail eggs by flipping them over. Ramsay fired Vanessa as captain due to her weak leadership and had Rosann take over, and under her strong guidance the team finished appetizers, though Corey overcooked a chicken on entrées. In the blue kitchen, Jason and Dominic on appetizers and fish failed to produce an acceptable dish between them, with both burning risotto and scallops respectively. The other men repeatedly requested Bobby's help, but he refused, thinking the men could redeem themselves and that his help would only make the situation worse. Eventually, Louross helped the others, after which Ramsay had him take over from Bobby as captain. Jason finally served appetizers, but the customers had already left, leading Ramsay to shut the kitchens down. No entrees were served, but the red team were named winners for at least serving appetizers; Louross was named Best of the Worst.

Elimination: Louross nominated Bobby and Dominic. Ramsay eliminated Dominic for his lack of creativity and terrible performance on fish. He then warned Bobby to step up.

Ramsay's comment: "To be a great chef you need passion, creativity, and talent. Dominic had passion, but that was it."
35 2 "14 Chefs Compete" April 8, 2008 11.63 19

Group punishment: Ramsay forced the chefs to pick up the wasted food, delivered via garbage truck, with their hands and place it in cylinders.

Team challenge: The contestants were tasked with filleting a large halibut into 6 ounce uniform pieces, trying to leave little waste. The women took a more slow, measured approach, compared to the mens' quicker, more rash approach. Despite the men having more ruineed pieces, both teams had 41 pieces accepted by Ramsay, resulting in a challenge tiebreaker for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history. One person from each team had to choose an accepted fillet that was as close to six ounces as possible. The men won a 5.9 ounce piece selected by Ben, compared to a 4.8 ounce piece selected by Corey.

Reward/punishment: The men were transported via Rolls Royces and Bentleys to a superyacht, where they had dinner with Ramsay and Jean-Philippe. The women had to prepare the seafood for service, in which, Jen maintained a negative towards Corey, believing she was the sole reason for the loss.

Service: Petrozza was threatened with elimination before service as he was twice unable to remember the menu, though he then did so with help from Bobby. Rosann and Craig were appointed assistant maître d's for service, but both struggled; Craig accidentally hit a woman with a chair and was forced to apologize to her, while Rosann revealed mid-service that she had only given in half of her tickets as she did not want to overwhelm the team, which then ironically put her team behind. Corey and Bobby did well on appetizers, but both teams struggled with poor communication. Sharon struggled on meat, Jason on fish, Matt almost caused a fire, and Petrozza got numerous orders mixed up on meat. Ramsay closed service, but named the men winners for serving more entrees; Corey was named Best of the Worst.

Elimination: Corey nominated Christina and Jen, admitting she personally disliked them and saw them as threats. After watching Jen's extremely long plea and Christina burst into tears, Ramsay spared them and eliminated Sharon for her second terrible service in a row.

Ramsay's comment: "Sharon clearly showed great attention to detail. Unfortunately, it wasn't for her cooking, it was for her makeup."
36 3 "13 Chefs Compete" April 15, 2008 11.08 16

Team challenge: The chefs were tasked with making eight perfect cuts of a chicken, part by part, without cutting too much meat or having portions of other parts on it. As the blue team had an extra member, Louross was forced to sit out. Jen and Shayna scored six, and Corey, Christina, Rosann and Vanessa each scored eight, making the red team's total 44. Jason scored six, and Ben and Petrozza both scored eight, but Craig, needing a score of six to at least remain in contention, only scored two, so Ramsay ended the challenge early and declared the women winners.

Reward/punishment: Ramsay and the red team visited the Saddle Ranch Chop House at the Sunset Strip and have lunch, where they unintentionally met restaurant regular and season 3 contestant Aaron Song. The guys picked peppers from a country field. In addition, Bobby was tasked to cook the tableside appetizer for the blue team and Jason was assigned on desserts.

Service: Like Petrozza during the previous service, Jason was thrown out before service for not being able to remember the menu. He still could not remember the menu when he returned and even wanted to quit before finally remembering the menu with prompting from Ramsay. Bobby served chicken tableside, though was criticised after service for waming too much to them. Both teams completed appetizers well thanks to Christina's leadership and Petrozza's concentration, but struggled on entrees. Vanessa undercooked meat and needed her teammates to help her, but Rosann burned meat by starting a fire in the pan, resulting in Ramsay having to put it out. Craig struggled on appetizers and argued with his teammates, while Ben overcooked and undercooked salmon, angering Ramsay when he blamed his mistakes on "different cooking techniques." Jason could not get soufflés to rise, and shocked Ramsay when he suggested coating the rims with sugar and cocoa. Upon receiving another undercooked salmon by Ben, Ramsay closed service, declared no winning team, and instructed Christina and Petrozza to nominate one person for elimination.

Elimination: Petrozza nominated Jason, while feeling the rest of the men would rather nominate Craig, and Christina nominated Vanessa instead of exacting revenge on Corey, as the team had presumed. Ramsay eliminated Jason for consistently being a terrible performer and not recovering after almost quitting. He also said Vanessa was on her last chance.

Ramsay's comment: "I kept waiting for Jason to show me some energy, to wake up, but he never did. And that's why I'm putting him to sleep."
37 4 "12 Chefs Compete" April 22, 2008 11.56 19

Group punishment: Ramsay forced both teams to clean up their kitchensm though Corey refused to do so, going upstairs to sleep.

Team challenge: The chefs were tasked with making perfect strands of pasta; the team with the most pasta weight winning. One member from each team was required to sit out and allow the pasta to be hung on their arms; Matt volunteered for the men, while the women made Shayna sit out. The women won their second consecutive challenge with 6.57 lbs of pasta, compared to the men's 5.48 lbs, as Craig struggled.

Reward/punishment: The red team rode a Hummer limousine to the Pacific Park amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier. The blue team prepared the night's service for both teams, while Ben unknowingly volunteered to clean the petting zoo to set up for Family Night which the ladies taunted him over upon their return from the park.

Service: Both teams cooked a special family menu, given to them just hours in advance. Vanessa did well on appetizers, but was sent to hospital after severely burning her hand putting out a burning pan Shayna accidentally set fire to. On the men's team, Matt served raw chicken and hard hamburgers until Bobby helped him. The women finished service well before the men due to Jen's strong leadership, and Ben was scolded after he congratulated the men, despite the blue team being four tables behind the red team. The women were sent to help them, but Craig, slow-paced, bad-tempered and uncommunicative throughout the night, yelled at the chefs and even Ramsay himself before finishing service, having already sent up one order not on any of the tickets. Ramsay named the women clear winners, likening the men's service to a horror movie, and named Bobby Best of the Worst, for at least attempting to help his teammates. After service, Vanessa returned and revealed she had suffered a second-degree burn, and was unsure if she could continue in the competition.

Elimination: Bobby nominated Craig and Matt; Ramsay also nominated Ben. Though Ramsay accused Ben of not treating the competition seriously, and Matt of being the worst performer of the night, he eliminated Craig for his repeated mistakes and terrible attitude.

Ramsay's comment: "I can teach someone how to cook, but Craig was a bad cook with an even worse attitude. There was no hope for him."
38 5 "11 Chefs Compete" April 29, 2008 12.26 16

Team challenge: The chefs were tasked with making a gourmet pizza each before deciding which team member's pizza would be judged by Ramsay. Vanessa struggled through the challenge due to her burnt hand, trying to support the other chefs. The women went with Jen's "Little Bit of Italy, Little Bit of France" pizza, whilst the men went with Ben's mushroom pizza, after he had shot down the others' attempts and refused to even try Petrozza's. The women won as Ben's mushrooms were not washed.

Reward/punishment: Before leaving the kitchen to take the women on their reward, Ramsay gave the blue team a pep talk, saying they had talent, and only lacked teamwork. In this Louross broke down, feeling that the team was on a losing streak and he could do nothing about it; Ben later mocked him for this. The red team rode a helicopter to the Square One restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, home of the "$90 Burger" and their truffle "fries". The men prepared both kitchens for service and given dry burgers for lunch.

Vanessa's exit: Though Vanessa managed to struggle through the team challenge, the pain of her burnt hand became significantly worse during prep, to the point where she was unable to work effectively. After talking with Ramsay, Vanessa decided to leave Hell's Kitchen, as her injury was not likely to heal quickly, and she did not want to be a hindrance to her team working at only half power. She had previously hinted at quitting to her team, as she was given other dates when she would need plastic surgery on her hand.

Ramsay's comment: "It's unfortunate that Vanessa's burn took her out of the competition. We'll never, ever know if she really had what it takes to win Hell's Kitchen."

Service: Jen's pizza was featured on the menu for this service. Before service, Ramsay brought the chefs outside and informed them that Hell's Kitchen would be serving pizzas that night. Ben was forced to make pizza deliveries in an electric cart. Shayna undercooked beef wellingtons, and Rosann struggled on garnish, forcing Ramsay to send the beef wellingtons alone and send Jen to help her. Matt struggled cooking decent eggs for the scallops, forcing Bobby to take over, and Louross had trouble cooking steak, but Petrozza managed to fool sous chef Scott by slicing the sides of the beef so they were "steaks". Although Christina and Jen were both supposed to be on the dessert station, Jen refused to help Christina, leaving her to struggle on her own until Ramsay ordered a reluctant Corey to help her. Both teams completed service, and for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, Ramsay declared the teams joint-winners. However, he still required each team to nominate one member for elimination.

Elimination: Louross nominated himself, while the red team planned to nominate Rosann, but Rosann had her teammates turn against Christina, leading to her being nominated. In the end, Ramsay announced that due to both teams successfully finishing service, Vanessa would be the only one leaving.
39 6 "10 Chefs Compete" May 6, 2008 11.25 18

Team challenge: The chefs prepared an appetizer and two entrees for Melissa, a girl celebrating her "Sweet 16", to vote on; the team with the most chosen dishes would win. The blue team won two dishes to one, with the tie-breaker coming on the meat entree; Melissa preferred the red team's entree, but after pressure from her mother, chose the blue team's as it was what more guests would prefer.

Reward/punishment: The blue team spent a day kart racing, followed by treats at the Simon LA restaurant. The red team decorated Hell's Kitchen for Melissa's party, under the supervision of party planner Francesco and Melissa's mother Lori.

Service: Melissa and Lori were VIP guests. The service generally went well, though flaws still occurred. Christina struggled on appetisers, forgetting the ingredients for a risotto, while Shayna was slow on garnish, having already taken five hours in prep to make a mango salsa. Matt struggled on fish, to the point where Bobby once again took over his station, and despite his scallops receiving praise, Ramsey berated Matt for lacking heart, as he had let Bobby take over. Rosann struggled on meat, and served a rare steak to Melissa when she had requested it medium-well, leading Ramsay to eventually take over her station. Both teams completed service, and while the red team had a 99% approval rating, compared to the blue team's 98%, Ramsay refused to name a losing team based on a difference of just 1%, and named the teams joint winners for the second time in a row. However, he told each team to nominate one chef and announced someone would be eliminated this time.

Elimination: Matt and Shayna were nominated; Ramsay then asked Christina for who she considered the worst on the red team, and she exacted revenge on Rosann by nominating her. When questioned by Ramsay, Matt claimed that were he on the red team, he would perform far better. Ramsay eliminated Shayna for her slowness, but praised her for her big heart.

Team change: Ramsay then accepted Matt's request to be transferred to the red team, much to their annoyance.

Ramsay's comment: "Shayna has a big heart, but at times I felt her heart wasn't here. It was back home with her newborn baby. She made far too many simple mistakes and that's why she's going back to something she's good at: Changing diapers."
40 7 "9 Chefs Compete" May 13, 2008 12.40 17

Team challenge: The chefs took part in a blind taste test. Since the red team had an extra member, Jen was forced to sit out. Rosann identified two ingredients compared to Petrozza's one, Corey identified one while Louross failed to get any, and Christina identified two while Bobby failed to get any, making the score 5-1. Lastly, for Matt and Ben, Ramsay made a dish with ten ingredients and alternated between the two, with both scoring points for identfication. Ben identified four ingredients, but Matt also scored four, giving the red team a 9-5 win and making it impossible for the blue team to win.

Reward/punishment: The red team spent the day at a patio, which converted into a spa while the blue team cleaned the kitchen and the dorms. Ben was called to serve iced tea to the red team, much to his resentment, as he had had a feud with Matt.

Service: In the red kitchen, Rosann burnt scallops and Jen tried to call orders for a table, which led Ramsay to rebuke her, and Jen to become angry and non-responsive for the rest of the service. Matt and Christina rallied the team and pushed forward with strong performances on appetizers and meat, but the team was dragged down by Jen's attitude and Rosann's poor performance on fish. In the blue kitchen, Bobby cooked scallops correctly but Louross forgot to provide quail eggs and Ben mixed up orders, ran out of ingredients and undercooked nearly every meat entree, making Ramsay angrier by trying to claim that he was not used to cooking on the line. The few entrees that Ben served were returned, causing Ramsay to shut service down. The red team were declared winners and Ramsay praised Matt, while the blue team were each told to nominate one person for elimination.

Elimination: Ben tried to persuade Bobby and Petrozza to nominate Louross, but this backfired; Ben and Louross nominated each other, and Bobby nominated Petrozza, but Petrozza nominated himself, saying the other three men had worked hard and it was unfair to pick them. Ramsay complimented Petrozza on his gracious attitude, and seeing through Ben's plan, eliminated him for consistently bad performances, laid back attitude and refusal to own up to his mistakes.

Ramsay's comment: "Ben left a manual labor job shoveling ditches to get back into cooking, but all he did in Hell's Kitchen was dig himself into a hole. A hole too deep to get out of."
41 8 "8 Chefs Compete" May 20, 2008 12.60 N/A

Team change: Following the elimination, Ramsay called for a volunteer from the red team to move to the blue team, which was Jen.

Team challenge: The chefs had to cook four dishes per team in 45 minutes, using all 20 ingredients on hand only once. During the challenge, Matt accidentally cut off a tip of his finger, but returned after receiving first aid. The blue team automatically lost when Louross admitted he forgot an ingredient.

Reward/punishment: The red team attended a photo shoot and interview for In Touch Weekly magazine. The blue team spent the day doing laundry by hand. Throughout the reward, Jen retained a sour attitude towards Louross as she believed he had caused them to lose the challenge.

Service: The night's service included two food critics (Sophie Gayot of Gayot Publications and Merrill Schlinder of the Los Angeles Zagat Guide) among the customers who would order the same item from both kitchens for comparison, and neither Ramsay or the chefs were aware which orders were served to them. The blue team managed to serve all entrées successfully and received good reviews from the critics, their only problem being Petrozza slicing meat too early, though even then they recovered. The red team struggled; despite Corey and Christina getting appetisers out on time and to a good standard, Matt cut tenderloin three completely different sizes, Christina overcooked salmon and had difficulty cooking both salmon and scallops at the same time, not helped by the fact that she argued with Ramsay. Rosann burned garnish and ran out of two garnishes for her dishes, causing Ramsay to leave the kitchen in disgust. Ramsay threw the red team out after Matt served raw meat and had the blue team finish their service. The critics panned the red team's dishes as being slow and lacking passion, with only Corey's appetizers presumably getting any praise. The blue team were deemed the clear winners by both Ramsay and the critics; Corey was named Best of the Worst.

Elimination: Corey nominated Matt and Rosann; Ramsay also nominated Christina for struggling. Despite telling Rosann to get back in line, Ramsay changed his mind and eliminated her for her lack of organization and many simple mistakes. Christina was also given a warning to step up, following her third nomination.

Ramsay's comment: "If the size of one's mouth corresponded to the size of one's talent, then Rosann would have been a world-class master chef. Unfortunately, she just has a big mouth."
42 9 "7 Chefs Compete" May 27, 2008 9.50 N/A

Team challenge: The chefs had to prepare three dishes; John Dory, chicken, and scallops. Each team had three members to compete; Louross was indirectly chosen by Jen to sit out. Only one chef from each team was allowed in the kitchen at a time, and only for six minutes. The next chef then took their place, with the previous chef having 15 seconds to brief them. Ramsay then compared the same dishes from each team on completeness, taste, and appearance. The red team won after Jen forgot to add sauce to two of the dishes.

Reward/punishment: The red team went to the beach with Ramsay and Jean-Philipp, where they learned how to surf. The blue team spent the day cleaning the restaurant's exterior, the flaming Hell's Kitchen sign and the red carpet.

Service: Each team made their own menus. Customers chose from either team's menu; while it was initially announced that the team whose menu was chosen more would win, Ramsay stated that the winner would be decided by quality, not quantity, as both menus had similar numbers. The red team collaborated on their dishes, coming up with a number of dishes Ramsay liked, while Jen ignored her teammates and largely devised the menu by herself; Ramsay disliked their menu, and had the blue team rearrange the menu mostly under Bobby's suggestions. On the red team, many of Matt's pasta appetizers were sent back, and after he was seen to be sweating in the food, Corey kicked him off and relegated him to desserts. Christina and Corey put aside their differences and took charge, being able to make it through service almost flawlessly, their only hindrance being Matt's negative attitude. On the blue team, Petrozza was strong on appetizers despite being messy, though Louross struggled on filet mignon, having two being sent back. When Louross finally served an acceptable filet mignon, the customer had left. Later on into service, Jen undercooked desserts, and her messiness meant that Bobby and Petrozza struggled to help her. Ramsay declared the blue team losers; Petrozza was named Best of the Worst.

Elimination: Petrozza nominated Louross and Jen. Despite Corey, Christina, Matt and Bobby all wanting Jen gone, Petrozza chose Louross, as he had had the worst service. Ramsay agreed and eliminated Louross, as despite Jen's poor attitude and numerous mistakes on desserts, Ramsay considered Louross responsible for the blue team's defeat. Ramsay then said that Matt and Jen would return to their original teams, as he felt their reassignments were not working.

Ramsay's comment: "Louross was never short on energy, he was just short... on cooking ability."
43 10 "6 Chefs Compete" June 3, 2008 9.36 N/A

While Ramsay had previously told Jen and Matt they would return to their original teams, he decided to merge the remaining six chefs into a united black team, the first black team in Hell's Kitchen history to have six members (this would be repeated in later seasons)

Challenge: Each chef had 45 minutes to create a meal using the main ingredient they were given. Corey's dish was named the worst as she only used a small amount of lobster, though was still praised for taste. Bobby's duck was overcooked, though the dish itself was "very nearly cooked". Petrozza's chicken and Matt's veal received positive feedback, but Ramsay declared Christina and Jen as having the best dishes. Jen's ribeye narrowly beat out Christina's sea bass for the win.

Reward/punishment: Jen won an overnight trip to Las Vegas where she had dinner at the Green Valley Ranch resort and spa with last season's winner, Rahman "Rock" Harper. She chose Corey to join her, much to her surprise and chagrin. The others took in several deliveries of food. Matt continuously complained about the reward sparking an argument with Christina.

Service: One of Jen's ribeye's was returned for being undercooked, and Corey had difficulty re-heating vegetables and communicating and also suffered a burn. She refused to leave and maintained a negative attitude when her food was criticised, but Ramsay insisted on her getting first aid. Jen served a nicely cooked risotto but then a poor one shortly after, and Christina and Bobby were both chastised for cooking beef and chicken and salmon and scallops in one pan respectively, despite Bobby's shellfish allergy. Matt and Christina failed to remember an order and Petrozza placed food onto dirty plates. Matt received a berating when he complained about being yelled at for overcooked meat, and his constant complaints about his migraine affected the team's performance, to the point where he stopped mid-service to take tablets and drink water. Ramsay ordered him back to the dorm as his attitude was now ruining the team. After Christina noticed burned rice on her station; Jen owned up to it and was kicked out, but Ramsay also kicked Christina out for not asking her to move it. Shortly afterwards, Ramsay kicked the remaining chefs out.

Elimination: Matt and Christina were nominated, but when Corey said she should have been chosen, for her poor attitude, Ramsay agreed and called her forward. Ramsay eliminated Matt for his numerous bad services and terrible attitude, but gave him encouragement. He then warned the others to step up, as they were only "marginally" better than Matt.

Ramsay's comment: "There once was a boy named Matt, whose kitchen performance fell flat. He was far from neat, miserable on meat. So I kicked him out, and that's that."
44 11 "5 Chefs Compete" June 10, 2008 8.81 N/A

Challenge: Each chef had 45 minutes to teach a housewife how to make lobster spaghetti. Christina won, narrowly beating out Corey.

Reward/punishment: Christina spent time with Ramsay and two other chefs, Mark Peel from "Campanile" and Ben Ford from "Ford's Filling Station", learning tricks of the trade. The others cleaned the kitchen.

Service: The dining room included a twelve-top that had to be served at the same time. Christina forgot a spaghetti, but recovered, while Jen undercooked and overcooked John Dory, with her bad attitude slowing the kitchen down. Bobby had difficulty cutting wellingtons and burned some. When the twelve-top arrived, Christina and Corey worked well together and got twelve appetizers out at the same time. Jen served raw fish, leading Ramsay to step in, while Petrozza struggled to keep up on the vegetable station. Service was completed, but Ramsay described the service as "painful". Christina was named Best of the Best.

Elimination: Christina nominated Jen and Bobby. Despite Christina advising Jen ti be eliminated, Ramsay eliminated Bobby for worsening performances.

Ramsay's comment: "Although Bobby was big in stature, he fell short in a number of areas. I kept on waiting for him to emerge, but he never did. That's why I have to say, 'Over and out, General Bobby.'"
45 12 "4 Chefs Compete" June 17, 2008 8.17 N/A

Challenge: Each chef had one hour to cook an entree for a lunch service of 80 pregnant women, with their votes determining the winner. Christina's Island Turkey Sandwiches won, beating out Petrozza's Monte Cristo Sandwiches by two votes, while Jen's Calypso Groupers was third and Corey's Grilled Salmon B.L.T.s last.

Reward/punishment: Christina and Ramsay visited the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, where she spent over $1000 on new clothing. The rest had to clean the dining room and polish silverware for service.

Service: All four chefs encountered problems. Jen overcooked rice and was slow on scallops, Petrozza, despite serving perfect dishes, had a dirty workspace, Corey served raw John Dory, and Christina burnt Ramsay's hand twice by giving him a scalding hot pan. Corey asked Jen to cook quail eggs since Jen was on appetizers, but Jen pretended to not notice. Christina did it, but burnt them, and Jen still refused to cook them until Ramsay forced her to, leading Corey to believe that Jen only cooked when it made her look good in front of Ramsay. Nevertheless, service was completed in record time and was declared a success.

Elimination: Ramsay had the final four each vote on two people who should be nominated. They each agreed to put two different names down on pieces of paper to see who was nominated, though it became apparent that Jen had put Christina's name down twice. Christina, Corey and Petrozza plotted to eliminate Jen, with Corey agreeing to be nominated in an attempt to get rid of Jen. Ramsay eliminated Jen for her lack of teamwork and refusal to improve her attitude, but gave her encouragement.

Ramsay's comment: "A great chef should not only be consistent with their cooking, but with their attitude. I never knew which Jen I was going to get at dinner service and that's why it was her time to go."
46 13 "3 Chefs Compete" June 24, 2008 7.70 N/A

Challenge: The remaining three ate one of Ramsay's signature dishes with their parents and significant others. Afterward, each chef had 45 minutes to replicate the dish, based on taste and looks alone. Corey was the only one to use cream to bind the lettuce and the only one to use raspberry creme in the sauce, which she both got correct. However, she was the only one to use buffalo fillet, as both Christina and Petrozza used venison striploin, which was wrong, and she ended up in third place. Petrozza was the only one to not have a pureé in his dish, as Corey had a potato parsnip pureé and Christina had a white bean pureé, while Christina used Aioli. Christina won, but Ramsay told Petrozza he would have won had he used a pureé.

Reward/punishment: Christina and her parents went on a tour bus through Hollywood, which included stops at two upscale restaurants.[note 1] Corey and Petrozza crushed ice blocks by hand and polished glasses.

Service: The three took turns running the "hotplate" in Ramsay's place, and had to catch acts of sabotage by chefs Scott and Gloria. Ramsay also gave each chef one-on-one mentoring on running the hotplate; Petrozza stepped up and earned praise, Christina was initially criticised for not being serious though recovered, whilst Corey was criticised for not being severe enough. When running the pass, Petrozza failed to notice no peas in a risotto, but was otherwise strong in command. Corey struggled to be serious reading out orders, and only noticed her mistake after she had poured the sauce onto the wellington. However, Ramsay later praised her for her exceptional performance on the meat station, serving perfect wellingtons. Christina struggled on the fish station numerous times, though rebounded at the hotplate, despite Scott becoming agitated with her leadership. She spotted incorrect seasoning in mashed potatoes, becoming the only chef to notice her mistake.

Elimination: Each chef had to nominate someone else for elimination; Christina and Corey nominated each other, and Petrozza nominated Christina. Ramsay named Petrozza and then Christina to advance to the final, eliminating Corey, but Ramsay praised her for her talent.
47 14 "2 Chefs Compete" July 1, 2008 8.03 N/A

Continued from the previous episode, Corey's jacket was hung and her picture burned.

Remodeling: Hell's Kitchen was divided into two, with Christina and Petrozza getting to design their own menus, ambience, and wait staff. As the builders remodeled Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay flew the two to New York City Times Square, where Ramsay's London NYC restaurant was located.

Challenge: Petrozza and Christina had 45 minutes to cook their signature dishes, judged by five of Ramsay's chefs. Petrozza won 3-2.

Reward: Petrozza was granted first pick in drafting a team using the six chefs eliminated prior to the final.[note 2] Petrozza picked Bobby and Ben, while Christina chose Corey and Louross. As Petrozza was about to choose between Jen and Matt, the episode ended in a cliffhanger.
48 15 "Finale" July 8, 2008 N/A N/A

Continued from the previous episode, Petrozza picked Jen, so Christina was left with Matt.

Service: Each team served 13 tables of 50 customers. In the kitchen, Christina and Petrozza briefed their menus, but Jen had no interest in helping Petrozza and wanted to make Ramsay change his mind on eliminating her, going so far as to ask Ramsey for a letter of recommendation, while Matt openly displayed a negative attitude. Petrozza was a strong leader, but Jen talked back to Petrozza while failing to serve onion rings, though she stopped after a scolding by Ramsay. While attempting to serve appetizers, Petrozza's kitchen ran out of ingredients for two of them, but Bobby created a lobster risotto from their remaining ingredients to fix the problem. Christina had steaks returned for being cold, and Matt frequently served raw dishes and showed no respect towards Ramsay, who offered to kick him out, though Christina declined. Despite the small problems in both kitchens, both teams finished service.

Winner: The criteria for deciding a winner was determined by the customer comment cards, as well as Ramsay's own observations. Summoning Christina and Petrozza to his office, Ramsay gave them his final thoughts before having them step in front of a door. Christina's door opened, making her the fourth winner of Hell's Kitchen; Petrozza took his defeat graciously.

Ramsay's comment: "Christina had the least amount of experience coming into Hell's Kitchen. But I saw something in her that was quite special. She had the best potential across any other chef in Hell's Kitchen, and in my business I think long term. I definitely, definitely made the right choice."


  1. ^ This was Christina's ninth challenge win, a record that stood until season 11.
  2. ^ Rosann did not return, so Ben took her place as the last chef eliminated prior to the final eight.


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