Hell's Kitchen (Maxim album)

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Hell's Kitchen
Studio album by Maxim
Released October 2, 2000 (UK)
Genre Electronica, hip hop, alternative rock
Label XL Recordings
Maxim chronology
Hell's Kitchen
Fallen Angel

Hell's Kitchen is the debut album from Maxim of The Prodigy. The album is somewhat different from his previous works with The Prodigy, as it features styles varying from trip hop, R&B and UK garage. The album has also a varied list of guests, including Skin from Skunk Anansie, Chris Corner of Sneaker Pimps and rare appearances from the likes of alternative rappers Divine Styler and the late Too Poetic (aka Grym Reaper of the Gravediggaz who is known by his Tony Titanium pseudonym on this album).

Track listing[edit]

  1. Hadrian's Wall
  2. Killing Culture
  3. Carmen Queasy (featuring Skin)
  4. Spectral Wars (featuring Divine Styler)
  5. Hell's Kitchen
  6. Scheming (featuring Trina Allen)
  7. Worldwide Syndicates (featuring Tony Titanium)
  8. Soul Seller (featuring Trina Allen)
  9. Universal Scientist (featuring Blood Of Abraham)
  10. My Web
  11. Dominant Genes
  12. Backward Bullet (featuring Chris Corner)
  13. Hell's Kitchen (Vocal Version) (Japanese version only)
  14. Prism (Japanese version only)


  • This album also features contributions by Liam Howlett, Jim Davies and Kieron Pepper.
  • This turned out to be one of Tony Titanium's last collaborations as he later died of colon cancer.
  • The song "Scheming" was supposed to be a hip hop collaboration with Guru, but this one was not used [1] and instead Maxim's cousin Trina Allen was used. [2]
  • Some of the titles of the songs appear bizarrely mistitled on Allmusic Page, presumably because the titles on the CD case are in a peculiar, near-illegible font (The font in question is called Wishbone, designed as a calligraphic experiment by UK typographer and photographer Karl Randay) .


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