Hell on Wheels (1967 film)

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Hell on Wheels
Directed by Will Zens
Starring John Ashley
Marty Robbins
Distributed by Crown International Pictures
Release date
Country USA
Language English
Budget $200,000 est[1]

Hell on Wheels is a 1967 American film about stock-car racing, which also includes musical performances by several popular country and western singers. It stars Marty Robbins, a very popular and successful singer who was also a successful NASCAR race driver.[2]


There are two brothers, Marty, a stock car racing driver, and Del, a talented mechanic whose work on the car helps to make Marty successful. Del becomes resentful that Marty gets all the glory, and arranges to drive for another car-owner in competition with Marty. But he also agrees to work on cars used by a gang of moonshiners, which brings him into conflict with their other brother who works for the government agency trying to combat illegal alcohol. In between the action, they all attend a local club where there are musical performances by Robbins, and also by Connie Smith and the Stonemans.


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