Hell on Wheels (band)

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Hell on Wheels
Origin  Sweden Oxelösund, Nyköping, Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Indie rock
Years active 1994–present
Labels Hybris
Website [1]
Members Rickard Lindgren
Johan Risberg
Åsa Sohlgren
Jonas Hansson

Hell on Wheels is an indie rockband from Sweden. The band was formed in the autumn of 1994 and soon established themselves.[1] Hell on Wheels first release was the Power bubbles blown by big bitch 7" single on the Make it Happen label.[2] The first full-length album called There is a Generation of Handicapped People to Carry on was released in 2001, followed by Oh my god! What have I done? in 2003.[3] 2006 saw the release of Hell on Wheels third album entitled the Odd Church.[4]



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  • Hell on wheels' homepage: [2]
  • Hell on Wheels on Myspace: [3]