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Origin Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Genres Crust punk, Crossover thrash, Thrash metal
Years active 1985–1992
Labels Meantime Records, Earache Records, Peaceville Records, Combat Records, Acid Stings, Bomb Factory, Control records, Selfmadegod records, Civilisation records
Members Scruff Lewty
Pete Salvage
Nathan Ellis
Laine Pearce-Rees

Hellbastard are a crust punk band, formed in 1984/5 in the United Kingdom. Members "Scruff Lewty" and "Scotty" met at a Subhumans gig and soon after formed Hellbastard, which was to be a combination of Crass-like politics and the music of Slayer. In 1990, after several EPs and full-lengths, the group appeared on the Combat-Earache compilation album, Grindcrusher, with the song "Justly Executed", from the Earache Records Natural Order LP.

They are considered to be a hugely influential band in the crust punk genre. The genre subsequently adopted its name from the band's first demo, Ripper Crust. They are also considered to be a part of the crossover thrash scene.[1][2] One member of Hellbastard later went on to form Hellkrusher. At one time Vocalist/Guitarist "Scruff lewty" and ex-guitarist "Nick" played for their friends ' band "Energetic krusher". Hellbastard also passed on a deal with "Vinyl Solution" Records in 1989 and gave the chance to Energetic Krusher, subsequently their "Path To Oblivion" Album appeared soon after. Hellbastard opted to sign with Earache Records.

Hellbastard "officially" split in 1992 and founder member "Scruff" went on to form, among others - "Nero Circus" "Sidewinder" "King Fuel" "Heavy Water" "The Dischargers" and "Moodhoover",..... all of whom released albums and toured extensively (with the exception of "King Fuel").

The last Hellbastard album since reforming in 2008 - The Need to Kill... received rave reviews in the worldwide press and having completed a full headlining European tour in 2009 and two extensive tours of the USA in both 2009 and 2010, Hellbastard are soon to embark on their first UK tour since the early 1990s. Their latest release "Eco-war" (Selfmadegod Records) heralds the bands original "dirtier" style and "Crustiness..." Hellbastard are currently writing their new album for 2014 and playing a few festivals and one off club dates.

Current members[edit]

  • Scruff Lewty - Vocals/Guitars
  • Pete Salvage - Guitars
  • Laine Pearce-Rees - Bass
  • Nathan Ellis - Drums


  • 1986: Ripper Crust demo cassette
  • 1987: Hate Militia demo cassette
  • 1988: Heading for Internal Darkness LP
  • 1988: Thrashing a Dead House 12" split with Extreme Noise Terror
  • 1988: A Vile Peace (Comp Lp on Peaceville Recs) (Civilised?)
  • 1989: They Brought Death 7" EP
  • 1990: Natural Order CD/LP/CASS
  • 1990: Heading for Internal Darkness CD/CASS reissue
  • 1993: Ripper Crust LP reissue
  • 1998: Heading for More Darkness CD reissue
  • 1998: "They Brought Death" on Skuld releases Comp Lp.
  • 1998: In Grind We Crust CD compilation
  • 1998: Blood, Fire, Hate... CD.
  • 2002: The Good Go First Album (Vinyl only)
  • 2009: Ripper Crust LP reissue
  • 2009: The Need to Kill CD/LP
  • 2009: "Pylons II" VIDEO-AUDIO
  • 2009 "Fir Bolg - Bow to Slough Feg" - VIDEO-AUDIO.
  • 2009: Eco-war EP/CD
  • 2009: "Sea Shepherd" VIDEO-AUDIO.
  • 2010: Heading For Internal Darkness LP reissue / CD Version later 2010/ early 2011
  • 2010: Hellbastard/Dissent Split 7" EP
  • 2011: " Sons Of Bitches" CD/LP/12
  • 2012 : "Arcadia" VIDEO-AUDIO.
  • 2013 : "Engineering Human Consciousness..." VIDEO-AUDIO.


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