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Background information
OriginÅl, Hallingdal, Norway
Country rock
Years activeSince 1990
MembersAslag Haugen
Lars Håvard Haugen
Bjørn Gunnar Sando
Lars Christian Narum
Egil Stemkens
Past membersArne Henry Sandum
Arne Moslåtten
For the USA psychobilly band, see Hellbillys.

Hellbillies (initiated 1990 in Ål, Norway) is a Norwegian rock band.[1]


As of 2012, they have released thirteen albums—including a compilation and two live albums—as well as two live concert DVDs. They are among Norway's most popular recording artists.[2]

Their lyrics are written and sung in the dialect of the Hallingdal area of Norway and there is evidence of influence from traditional (folk) Norwegian music, giving a distinctive "Norwegian" flavor to their country music.

Their early albums often included songs originally recorded by country music artists from the USA with Hellbillies writing new lyrics in Norwegian. Later efforts have included much more original material that reflect contemporary Norwegian people and Norwegian life and issues. They have also gradually changed their musical style from country to rock.

They have collaborated with musicians from the US. For example, Rob Hajacos from Nashville, who plays fiddle on most Garth Brooks albums, plays on three of Hellbillies’ albums.

In 2013 Hellbillies appeared at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival performing together with Jazz guests the Violin virtuoso Ola Kvernberg and the super trumpeter Mathias Eick.[3] In 2013 they also contributed to the book "Think like a rockstar" Tenk som en rockestjerne,[4] written by Ståle Økland.

Band members[edit]

Hellbillies during a concert in Langesund, July 2011.

Current members

  • Aslag Haugen - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars (1990-present)
  • Lars Håvard Haugen - electric guitars, harmony and lead vocals 1990-present)
  • Bjørn Gunnar Sando - drums (1990-present)

Live and studio members

  • Egil Stemkens - bass, harmony vocals(2016-present)
  • Lars Christian Narum - piano and organ (2003-present)

Former members

  • Arne Moslåtten - accordion, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion (1990-2013), lyrics (1990-today)
  • Arne Henry Sandum - bass (1990-2016)
  • Lasse Hafreager - piano and organ (1993-2000)
  • Trond Nagell Dahl - piano and organ (2001-2003)


  • 1993: Spellemannprisen in the class Country-rock awarded for the album Pela Stein
  • 2007: Spellemannprisen awarded 'This year's spellemann for the album Spissrotgang[1]


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]


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