Hellbound (EP)

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EP by The Living End
Released 1995
Recorded 1994–1995
Genre Punkabilly
Length 27:39
Label Mushroom Records
Producer The Living End
The Living End chronology
It's for Your Own Good

Hellbound is the debut EP by Australian rock band The Living End.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Trace of Doubt"
  2. "Hellbound"
  3. "Tabletop Show"
  4. "The Living End"
  5. "Strange"
  6. "Headlines"
  7. "Mispent Youth"
  8. "So Lonely"
  9. "Do What I Do" (limited edition version only)


  • The EP was recorded at Whirled Records, Richmond, Victoria, Australia, in 1995 except for "Headlines" which was recorded at Toybox Studios in 1994.
  • Some editions of the release feature the title 'The' and 'End' in blue, rather than white. The original art features a white square to the right of Chris' head, this has been removed on later releases.
  • Hellbound was first released through Shock records, later re-released through MDS and later re-released again through EMI.
  • The very first editions of Hellbound feature a ninth bonus track, "Do What I Do". Contrary to popular belief, Chris does not hate the song, but it was taken off the CD for later pressings.
  • The EP was re-released remastered as part of a double CD pack in 2005 (with It's For Your Own Good) distributed by EMI. The artwork for both albums is altered on this release.