88th Military Command (Greece)

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88th Military Command
88η Στρατιωτική Διοίκηση
88th Military Command (Greece) (logo).jpg
Coat of Arms of the 88th Military Command
Country  Greece
Branch HellenicArmySeal.svg Hellenic Army
Type Mechanized
Size 5 Battalions
Part of Supreme Military Command of Interior and Islands
Garrison/HQ Lemnos
Motto(s) Do what your country commands (Ποιείν α κελεύει πατρίς)

The 88th Military Command (Greek: 88η Στρατιωτική Διοίκηση, abbrev. 88 ΣΔΙ), is a Greek Army mechanized infanrty brigade responsible for the defence of the island of Lemnos, Greece.


  • 88th Military Command (Greece) (logo).jpg 88th Military Command (88 ΣΔΙ), based at Lemnos
    • HQ Company (ΛΣΤ/88 ΣΔΙ)
    • 88th Armored Battalion (88 ΕΜΑ)
    • 285th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (285 Μ/Κ ΤΠ)
    • 290th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (290 Μ/Κ ΤΠ)
    • 224th Infantry Battalion (224 ΤΠ)
    • 88th Self Propelled Artillery Battalion (88 Α/Κ ΜΒΠ-ΠΕΠ)
    • 101st Artillery Battalion (101 ΜΠΜΠ)
    • 88th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion (88 ΜΑ/ΑΠ)
    • 88th Engineer Battalion (88 ΤΜΧ)
    • 88th Medical Corps Battalion (88 ΤΥΓ)
    • 88th Signal Company (88 ΛΔΒ)
    • 88th Anti Τank Company (88 ΛΑΤ)
    • 88th Support Battalion (88 ΤΥΠ)