Hellenic Army Supreme Military Support Command

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Supreme Military Support Command
Emblem of the ASDΥS
Active 1975–present
Country Greece
Allegiance Greece
Branch Hellenic Army
Garrison/HQ Athens
Motto Αλκή κράτος εστί μέγιστον Courage is greatness

The Supreme Military Support Command (Greek: Ανώτατη Στρατιωτική Διοίκηση Υποστήριξης Στρατού, ΑΣΔΥΣ) is a corps-level military command of the Hellenic Army that provides support for its formations and units.


  • Base Support Command (ΔΥΒ), based at Athens, Attica
  • Support Division (ΜΕΡΥΠ), based Thessaloniki
  • Strategic Transport Unit (Συγκρότημα Στρατηγικών Μεταφορών), based at Assiros, Macedonia
    • 4th Support Brigade (4η ΤΑΞΥΠ), based at Xanthi, Thrace
  • 651 Army Material Depot (651 ABYΠ), based at Agios Stefanos, Attica
  • Military Factories Command (ΔΙΣΕ), based at Athens, Attica divided in
    • 301st Base Factory (301 EB), based at Agioi Anargyroi, Attica
    • 303rd Base Factory (303 ΠΕΒ), based at Larissa, Thessaly
    • 304rd Base Factory (304 ΠΕΒ), based at Velestino, Thessaly
    • 308rd Base Factory (308 ΠΕΒ), based at Thessaloniki, Macedonia

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