Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association

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Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association
HEBA Logo.jpg
Sport Basketball
Founded 1992
CEO Michalis Mellis
Country Greece Greece
Official website esake.gr

The Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association (HEBA, Greek: Ελληνικός Σύνδεσμος Ανωνύμων Καλαθοσφαιρικών Εταιρειών, ΕΣΑΚΕ), is a governing body for basketball in Greece. It directs the 14 pro Greek basketball sports clubs of the Greek Basket League, and oversees the HEBA Greek All-Star Game.

It has been in charge of the top-tier level professional club basketball league in Greece since the 1992–93 basketball season, when it took over those duties from the Hellenic Basketball Federation. Is also a member of the Union of European Leagues of Basketball (ULEB).[1]


A new logo was presented in 2010, replacing the older HEBA logo.[2]

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