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Hellenic Linux User Group or Hellug (Hel.L.U.G.) is the main Linux User Group in Greece. It is a non-profit organization founded by people who are interested, use or are positive towards Linux. Hellug's target is the union, communication, the promotion of the Linux operating system and the networking of people involved in such activities.

Hellug promotes and supports Linux through meetings, mailing lists, Greek translations of applications, FAQs, HOWTOs, technical articles of general interest, creation of support packages for the Greek language, integration of Greek language in X Servers, Ancient Greek unicode support, software development, participation in Greek and international exhibitions, information material, shows, developer workshops, internet relay chat online help, publishing of Greek editions of some distributions (SuSE, Fedora), publishing of Linux related articles in magazines and newspapers, creation of a central Linux portal, co-operation with Greek and foreign LUGs, Linux installation in schools, know-how sharing among users/members and whatever comes on the way.

Hellug encourages the founding of local LUGs throughout Greece, official or not, and is willing to work with them for the promotion of the Linux operating system.

Hellug's income comes only from member annual dues and donations. These are mostly used to pay participation fees in exhibitions/shows, maintenance and upgrade costs of its servers and for the creation and distribution of Linux related material (e.g. Greek Linux CDs).

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