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Helli Louise
Born (1949-08-02) 2 August 1949 (age 67)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Helli Louise Brunchmann Jacobson, often billed merely as Helli Louise, is a former actress who appeared in films and television, including The Benny Hill Show, during the 1970s.


Jacobson was born 2 August 1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She moved to the UK in the early 1970s, studying at the London Film School circa 1971 and developing a curious Copenhagen/Cockney accent along the way. Represented by Barrie Stacey Promotions, during her British acting career, she appeared in John Jesnor Lindsay's film The Hot Girls (1974) a fake expose on the modelling world. More mainstream work included guest appearances in The Sweeney and The Goodies, several roles in British sex comedies and Carry On Behind (1975). Helli was also active on stage appearing in a touring production of Hair in 1974 and in the stage farce Pyjama Tops (circa 1973) where co-stars included Fiona Richmond, Jess Conrad and Lucienne Camille.

Aside from her acting career Jacobson was also the managing director of a clothing firm, and worked in the music industry managing a band called Ix. After a role in 1979’s The World Is Full of Married Men, she left acting to pursue work in the music industry full-time, and has since worked for Harvey Goldsmith.


TV films[edit]

  • Udsigt til garden og gaden (1970) - Susanne, datteren
  • Lille dosis strindberg (1970) - Martha Magdalene
  • The Goodies and the Beanstalk (1973) - Girl with the Puppies

TV appearances[edit]

  • Salto Mortale as "Helli Louise Brunchmann" in the episode "Gastspiel in Kopenhagen" (1971)
  • The Benny Hill show, Various roles in the episode "Jackie Wright's Holiday" (1973)
  • Up Sunday - in the episode? (197?)
  • The Goodies - Dana in the episode "The Race" (1975), Girl with the Puppies in "The Goodies and the Beanstalk (1973) and Eskimo Nell in "The Goodies :Winter Olympics (1973)
  • Love Thy Neighbour, Angie - in episodes No. 4.4 (1974) and No. 5.3 (1975)
  • The Sweeney - 2nd girl in pub - in the episode "Golden Boy" (1975)

Stage plays[edit]

  • Pyjama Tops (1973?), Claudine Amour
  • The Empire Builders (197?)
  • The Marriage-Go-Round (197?)
  • The Bed (197?)
  • The Informer (197?)
  • Hair (1974), Tribe Member

External sources[edit]

  • Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema by Simon Sheridan (Titan Books) (4th edition) 2011
  • Titbits magazine No.4721 Sept 9-15 1976 Helli's Biggest Sin by Douglas Marlborough

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