Hello! Morning

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Hello! Morning
Genre Variety show
Starring Morning Musume and other Hello! Project members
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 354
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 24, 37, 44, and 49 minutes
Original release 2000-04-09 – 2007-04-01
Followed by Haromoni@ (2007–2008)
Related shows Haromoni@, Futarigoto, Musume Dokyu
External links
Website www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/haromoni/

Hello! Morning (ハロー! モーニング。, harō mōningu) was a weekly Japanese TV show featuring members of Morning Musume, and some times other Hello! Project members on TV Tokyo. It was also known by the shorter name of HaroMoni (ハロモニ。). On April 1, 2007, the show ended after seven years of broadcast and a new show, featuring the same people, Haromoni@ (ハロモニ@), took its place. The program is best known outside Japan due to the "Dramatic Chipmunk," an online phenomenon video. The video is from the seventh episode of the segment Minimoni Chiccha, with Mari Yaguchi, Mika Todd, Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago. In the episode, the girls plan on having a pet so an employee from a pet store brings in some animals for the girls to look over.


In addition to the segments listed below, many other one-time segments run as well.

  • Hello! Project Product segments
    • Hello Pro News (ハロプロニュース, Haro Puro Nyūsu)
    • Hello Pro Wide (ハロプロワイド, Haro Puro Waido)
    • Hello Pro Hour (ハロプロアワー, Haro Puro Awā)
    • Eric Kamezō's Everyday Thanks! (エリック亀造の毎度ありぃ!, Erikku Kamezō no Maido Arii)
    • Scream! Commercial. (絶叫!コマ~シャル。, Zekkyō! Koma~sharu.)
    • Sweat! CM (発汗!CM。, Hakkan! CM.)
    • Hello Pro! Channel (HPC) (ハロプロ!ちゃんねる。, Haro Puro! Channeru.)
  • HaroMoni Theater (ハロモニ。劇場, HaroMoni. Gekijou)
    • "Until the Bus Comes" (バスがくるまで, Basu ga Kuru Made)
    • "Mōmamas in the Afternoon" (昼下がりのモーママたち, Hirusagari no Mōmamatachi)
    • "The Story of Eki-mae Kōban" (駅前交番物語, Ekimae Kōban Monogatari)
    • "Koen-dori San-chome" (ハロモニ。劇場 公園通り三丁目)
  • Penguin Gomaki's Story (ゴマキペンギン物語, Gomaki Pengin Monogatari)
  • Sparrow Gomaki's Nursing Diary (ゴマキスズメの子育て日記, Gomaki Suzume no Kosodate Nikki)
  • Hawaiian Girls (ハワイヤ~ン娘。, Hawaiya~n Musume.)
  • Be a Member of Hawaiian Girls! (めざせ!ハワイヤ~ン娘。, Mezase! Hawaiya~n Musume.)
  • Pyōn-Seijin (ぴょ~ん星人)
  • Mini Moni - The Way of the Kappa (ミニモニ。河童の花道, Mini Moni. Kappa no Hanamichi.)
  • Mini Moni - The Four Priests (ミニモニ。四休さん, Mini Moni. Yõn Kyu San.)
  • Be a Pioneer by Niigaki's School (魁!!新垣塾)
  • Write to the Laughless Princess! (投稿!笑わん姫, Tōkō! Warewa'n Hime)
  • Fighters for the Earth W (地球戦士W, Chikyō Senshi W)
  • Urōboe Seminar (うろおぼえゼミナーる)
  • Turn Dori Chicken (ターン鳥チキン, Tān Dori Chikin)
  • World Petit Game (ワールド・プッチ・ゲーム, Wārudo Pucchi Gēmu)
  • Take Me on a Date ♥ (私をデートに連れてって♥, Watashi wo dēto ni tsuretette ♥)
  • HaroMoni Academy (ハロモニ。アカデミー, HaroMoni. Akademī)
  • Mini Moni Chiccha
  • Magic Restaurant (マジックレストラン, Majikku resutoran)

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