Hello! Project Kids

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Hello! Project Kids
Origin Japan
Years active 2002–2005
Associated acts
Past members Saki Shimizu
Momoko Tsugunaga
Chinami Tokunaga
Maasa Sudō
Miyabi Natsuyaki
Maiha Ishimura
Yurina Kumai
Risako Sugaya
Erika Umeda
Maimi Yajima
Megumi Murakami
Saki Nakajima
Airi Suzuki
Chisato Okai
Mai Hagiwara

Hello! Project Kids (ハロー!プロジェクト・キッズ, Harō! Purojekuto Kizzu) was a Japanese idol girl group formed in 2002 as a part of Hello! Project. Hello! Project Kids enjoyed minor success in film and music before being splintered into two full-time groups, Berryz Kobo and Cute.


2002: Formation and film debut[edit]

Auditions were held nationwide in Japan throughout March 2002. Out of 27,958 elementary school girls, fifteen were chosen: Erika Umeda, Maimi Yajima, Maiha Ishimura, Megumi Murakami, Saki Shimizu, Momoko Tsugunaga, Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudō, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Yurina Kumai, Risako Sugaya, Saki Nakajima, Airi Suzuki, Chisato Okai, and Mai Hagiwara.[1] Their audition tapes were aired on Morning Musume's variety show, Hello! Morning on June 30, 2002. In the same year, each member of Hello! Project Kids were featured in the films Koinu Dan no Monogatari and Mini Moni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibōken![2]

2003-2004: Subgroups[edit]

In 2003, Hello! Project Kids began to appear frequently in the company's music projects. Umeda, Yajima, Shimizu, Tsugunaga, and Murakami joined Mari Yaguchi in the subgroup ZYX[3], while Suzuki and Natsuyaki were selected to join Reina Tanaka in the subgroup Aa![4]

In the summer, Murakami and Natsuyaki were grouped with Miki Fujimoto for the shuffle unit Sexy Otonajan.[5]

Shimizu, Tsugunaga, Natsuyaki, Ishimura, Sudo, Tokunaga, Kumai, and Sugaya were moved into Berryz Kobo, a new group that debuted in 2004. The original idea of the group was to rotate all members of Hello! Project Kids to make time for school. However, that idea was scrapped, and Berryz Kobo became a full-time group.[6]

On December 1, 2004, Hello! Project Kids participated in the single "All For One & One For All!" as part of H.P. All Stars, which included all performing acts under the Hello! Project name.[7]

2005: Berryz Kobo and Cute[edit]

Following Berryz Kobo's debut in 2004, Tsunku renamed the rest of the Hello! Project Kids "Cute", as they had no consistent name. The Hello! Project Kids name then became defunct after the rebranding.[8] Cute later debuted in 2005 and released music independently until they debuted on a major label in 2006 with the song "Sakura Chirari."



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