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Hello Internet

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Hello Internet
Hello Internet Logo.svg
Hosted by
Length38–169 minutes
Audio format
No. of episodes119 (As of March 2019)[1]
2 bonus episodes
1 vinyl episode
12 Days of HI Christmas (12 episodes)
Original releaseJanuary 31, 2014 – present
Related showsCortex, The Unmade Podcast

Hello Internet is an audio podcast hosted by YouTube content creators Brady Haran and CGP Grey.[2][3]


As this fan illustration depicts, Haran and Grey often refer to themselves respectively as a caveman and a robot to describe their differing personalities.

The podcast features discussions pertaining to their lives as professional creators for YouTube, the content of their most recent videos as well as their interests and annoyances. Typical topics include YouTube, technology etiquette, books, movie and TV show reviews, plane accidents, vexillology, futurology, and the differences between Haran and Grey's personalities and lifestyles.[4][5]


The "Nail & Gear", the podcast's official flag chosen by its listeners in a 2015 mail-in election

The podcast debuted in 2014.[6] That year it reached the #1 iTunes podcast in the United Kingdom.[6] It was also selected as one of Apple's best new podcasts of 2014.[7]

In 2015, Brady Haran and the podcast were credited with reappropriating the word "freebooting" to describe copyright infringement via re-hosting videos on platforms such as Facebook, a practice typically undertaken to profit from advertisements alongside the content. Facebook has since adopted tools to address this.[8][9][10]

The Guardian included the podcast among its 50 best of 2016, naming episode 66 ("A Classic Episode") its episode of the year; the paper described the podcast as having "in-depth debates and banter that is actually amusing".[11]

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