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Hello From Earth (HFE) is an Interstellar Radio Message (IRM). It was sent from the 70-meter dish at NASA Deep Space Station 43 (Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex), at midday on Friday 28 August 2009. The message was directed at the nearby Gliese 581 planetary system.

The total number of individual messages, which were sent by users to HFE web site, is about 25,880. The total size of the messages was 2,845,539 bytes.

The main defect of this IRM was insufficient scientific and technical justification, since no SETI scientist made any statement validating HFE's design. According to www.hellofromearth.net: "After the final message was collected on Monday 24 August 2009, messages were exported as a text file and sent to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, where they were encoded into binary, packaged and tested before transmission."


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