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Helmut is a common given name in the German language. Variants include Hellmut, Helmuth, and Hellmuth.[1]

It derives from the Germanic elements helm (meaning "helmet", "protection") and muot ("spirit, mind").

Helmut may refer to:



  • Helmut Grokenberger, fictional character in the 1991 film Night on Earth
  • Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler), fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Baron Helmut Zemo, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Helmut Heindenburg, fictional character in 1996 Colombian telenovela Guajira
  • Helmut, fictional character in the video game Road Rash
  • Helmut Kruger, fictional fashion model in the video game Hitman (2016)
  • Baron Helmut Schnitzelnazi, from the comedy skit Key & Peele

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