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The Education Program extension for MediaWiki adds features to Wikipedia to support classes of students editing articles, including structured Institution and Course pages and feeds of recent activity by students.

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  • On June 30, 2018, the Education Extension will be shut down.[3]

What can I do with it?[edit]


  • View and search data: courses, student usernames, ambassador usernames, instructor usernames, universities
  • View ambassador profiles
  • View course pages with syllabus, instructor, ambassadors, students, and articles
  • View recent student activity
  • View the Education Program program statistics


  • Enroll in a course (and un-enroll from it) (note this does not replace formal procedures at your institution)
  • Indicate what article you're working on
  • View recent activity for the courses you are enrolled in
  • Become a reviewer for articles fellow students are working on


  • Set up a course page
  • Indicate which courses you're teaching
  • Manage your list of students
  • View recent activity for the courses you are instructor for

Campus Ambassadors, Online Ambassadors, and other editors helping students[edit]

  • Maintain a quick introductory profile introducing yourself to students
  • Sign up to support a course
  • View recent activity for the courses you are supporting

Admins and course coordinators (including Regional Ambassadors)[edit]

  • Grant permissions to campus volunteers, online volunteers and instructors
  • Create (and delete) courses and institution pages
  • Edit course descriptions and course details
  • Remove students, instructors, and campus or online volunteers from courses

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