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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Standard Bulgarian pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-bg}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

See Bulgarian phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Bulgarian.

IPA Examples English approximation
b баба box
c кьопоолу[1] cute
d дом dust
d͡z дзифт birds
d͡ʒ джем jab
f филм fact
ɡ гарван good
ɟ гяур[1] argue
j сойка yes
k къща skill
l лимон leap
ɫ лош all
ʎ любов million
m море mocha
n нос north
ɲ баня canyon
ŋ банка sing
p пет speak
r работа trilled r, like in Spanish
s стол salt, mask
ʃ шума sugar
t тайна style
t͡s цар bats
t͡ʃ чай cheese
v вода view
x хартия loch (Scottish English)
z зима zoo
ʒ жълт pleasure
Marginal consonants
IPA Examples English approximation
ɣ видях го between go and ahold
ç Хюз huge
w уиски water
IPA Examples English approximation
a брат father
ɤ кът plus (General American, Scottish English)
ɛ цена edge
i сив police
ɔ слон off
u хубав pool
Reduced vowels
IPA Examples English approximation
ɐ щерка, камък sofa
o нещо, уста thought (RP), coat (Scottish English)
Other symbols
IPA Description
ˈ Stress on the following syllable
ˌ Secondary stress on the following syllable
◌ʲ Palatalization of the preceding consonant


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