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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Khmer language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.


Full Subscript Initial Value Final Value[1]
្ក k k, ʔ
្ខ k
្គ k k, ʔ
្ឃ k
្ង ŋ ŋ
្ច c c
្ឆ none [2]
្ជ c c
្ឈ none [2]
្ញ ɲ ɲ
្ដ ɗ
្ឋ t̪ʰ
្ឌ ɗ
្ឍ t̪ʰ
្ត , ɗ[3]
្ថ t̪ʰ
្ធ t̪ʰ
្ប ɓ, p[4] p
្ផ p
្ព p p
្ភ p
្ម m m
្យ j j
្រ r - , r[5]
្វ ʋ /ʋ/, /w/
្ស s h
្ហ h none [2]
- none [2]
្អ ʔ none [2]

Dependent Vowels[edit]

Vowel 1st Series Value 2nd Series Value[6]
ɑː ɔː
ឣិ , e, ə , i, ɨ
ឣី əj
ឣឹ ə ɨ
ឣឺ əɨ ɨː
ឣុ o u
ឣូ ou
ឣូវ əw ɨw
ឣើ əː
ឣឿ ɨə
ឣេ ei, ə[7] , ɨ[7]
ឣែ ae ɛː
ឣៃ aj ɨj
ឣោ ao
ឣៅ aw ɨw
ឣុំ om um
ឣំ ɑm um
ឣាំ am oə̯m
ឣះ ah eah
ឣិះ eh ih
ឣុះ oh uh
ឣេះ eh ih
ឣោះ ɑh uəh

Independent Vowels[edit]

Vowel IPA
e; i; əi
ʔae; ʔɛː,ʔeː
, ʔaːo


  1. ^ The stops /p, t, c, k/ have no audible release when occurring as syllable finals
  2. ^ a b c d e never occurs at the end of words
  3. ^ ត is used by orthographic convention to represent ɗ in disyllabic words whose underlying form is spelled with ត or ថ as opposed to derivatives of bases spelled with ដ, which keep the original ដ for ɗ.
  4. ^ in certain words of Pali or Sanskrit origin
  5. ^ final រ is silent (not transcribed) in central dialects of Cambodia and Vietnam, represents a trill in Northern Khmer dialects of Thailand
  6. ^ Khmer consonants belong to two classes that dictate the value of dependent vowels.
  7. ^ a b before palatals