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Asking questions

First check these lists of frequently asked questions

FAQ main page   —   questions about using and contributing.
Administration   —   answers some questions related to Administrators.
Article subjects   —   what to do about specific articles.
Categories   —   about using Wikipedia's categories.
Contributing   —   answers to questions commonly asked by contributors.
Copyright   —   four most commonly asked questions about copyright.
Editing   —   answers the most common questions about editing.
Forking   —   how do I download and use Wikipedia content?
IRC (live chat)   —   about "chat rooms" – real-time discussions.
Organizations   —   editing without displaying a conflict of interest.
Problems   —   solving problems you may encounter when browsing or editing.
Readers   —   addresses concerns and questions readers may have.
Schools   —   questions that teachers, librarians and administrators might have.
Technical   —   answers some questions related to the technical workings of the site.
(Miscellaneous)   —   questions that do not fit into any of above sections.
If you can't find your question, then it's time to ask someone...

Where to ask questions

Where to ask factual questions
Reference desk   —   volunteers will attempt to answer any factual question you may have. They are organized into the following subject areas:
Where to ask help-related questions
Help desk   —   the volunteers here will help you with Wikipedia-related questions.
Wikipedia:Questions   —   another help page
Wikipedia:Teahouse   —   friendly place for new editors to become accustomed to Wikipedia culture, ask questions, and develop community relationships.
Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)   —   the place to ask technical questions about Wikipedia and all related technology.
Wikipedia:Media copyright questions   —   about images, audio files, and other media.
{{Help me}}   —   write a question or request on your user talk page, and place {{Help me}} with it, and someone will be by shortly to help you on it.
Live help   —   ask other editors questions in real time in a Wikipedia chat room.

See also

Adopt-a-user   —   new users can find mentors here. Mentors are dedicated to answering questions and teaching.
Questions and comments
Requests department   —   for when you need assistance.