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My sandbox is a feature which gives you a place to practice editing, either to build a draft for later publication in the main encyclopedia, or just to practice formatting with wiki markup syntax. If you have an account, you will see a link in the upper right corner of the screen that says "Sandbox"; this will take you to your sandbox.

The link opens a user subpage Special:MyPage/sandbox. If the page does not exist then it is opened for editing with {{User sandbox}} added to the top of the editing window. The template notifies readers that the page is a sandbox, not an article, and it prevents the page from being indexed by search engines.

Moving an existing sandbox page[edit]

If you have an existing sandbox that is not named "sandbox", then you can move it. See Help:How to move a page.



The sandbox link was previously a gadget but is now a built-in feature. It cannot be disabled in preferences but it can be removed by placing this in your CSS:

li#pt-sandbox { display: none; }

The feature lacks feature-settings to support customization; however, it can be removed and a JavaScript version created in userspace.

Moving to toolbar[edit]

To create a toolbar link to Special:MyPage/Sandbox.

 'My sandbox',
 'Go to your sandbox',

To remove autoedit:

var NoEditSandbox = $('#pt-mysandbox a').slice(0,1).attr('href', '/wiki/User:' + wgUserName + '/sandbox');

My subpages[edit]

If you have multiple sandboxes or other user subpages, it may be more useful to show a list of your subpages:

Ensure you replace username with your username.
 'My subpages',
 'Show my subpages',


Proposals for My sandbox go back to at least 2008,[1] but the defining proposal was in December 2011.[2] A Gadget proposal in January 2012 resulted in the addition of My Sandbox.[3] The gadget was replaced by mw:Extension:SandboxLink in April 2015.[4]

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