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Wikipedia: The Missing Manual (Discuss)

If you have reached here by clicking on a link within the Missing Manual, then, sadly, you have found a link that is not working correctly. This page is a placeholder.


The first printing of the first edition of the book Wikipedia: The Missing Manual was converted into a set of Wikipedia pages in the Help: namespace. As a printed book, all the cross-references were formatted using page numbers – "see page 218", "as explained on the previous page", and so on. These cross-references could not be converted automatically, and were instead replaced by links to this page. Many of these links have not yet been fixed.

What do to next[edit]

You may be able to find what you need by checking the Missing Manual contents page or by searching using the box here. If you are stuck, then feel free to ask at the main Help desk.

Any editor can improve the Missing Manual. If a link took you to this page, and you can work out where the link should have taken you, then it would be great if you could fix the link. Ideally, no pages should link to this one. Here is the list of manual pages that still need to be fixed.