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HelpJoey is social initiative launched in 2010 and supported by the ASPCA to raise awareness about overpopulation in companion animals, and the benefits of spaying and neutering.[1]


In the United States, over 11,000 pets are euthanized every day.[2] One of the main causes of this overpopulation is owners neglecting to spay and neuter their animals.[3] In an effort to prevent overpopulation Help Joey has made it its mission to go to the source of the problem – the initial conception of a litter – aka – stopping animals from having sex.

Stop Chasing Tail Initiative[edit]

To prevent animal overpopulation and animal euthanasia, the movement uses humor to stop animals from having sex, and 'chasing tail.'

Rallying Cry[edit]

If animals don’t have sex, they can’t have babies, therefore no overpopulation problem. So let’s just stop animals from having sex?

History of the Movement[edit]

Joey Henry, founder of the Help Joey movement, began his effort by heading out into his neighborhood in Tampa, FL finding cats and dogs who were 'doing it' and getting the parties involved to knock it off.[4] After realizing that he could only stop the dogs and cats in his own little world, he rallied his coworker Jesse as a camera man and marketer to film his efforts and start a social movement to gain supporters.


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