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The Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Play is an award presented by Live Performance Australia (LPA) (the trade name for the Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA)), an employers' organisation which serves as the peak body in the live entertainment and performing arts industries in Australia. The accolade is handed out at the annual Helpmann Awards, which celebrates achievements in musical theatre, contemporary music, comedy, opera, classical music, theatre, dance and physical theatre.[1]

In the following list winners are listed first and marked in gold, in boldface, and the nominees are listed below with no highlight.

Winners and nominees[edit]

   Winners are listed first and marked in a separate colour, in boldface.
Year Actor Production Character(s)
John Gaden The Unexpected Man The Man
Bille Brown Troilus and Cressida Paris
Kim Gyngell 'Art' Yvan
Geoffrey Rush The Small Poppies Clint
John Bell Richard III Richard III
Peter Carroll The Christian Brothers Unnamed teacher[A]
Willem Dafoe The Hairy Ape Yank
John Stanton The Tempest Prospero
Colin Friels Copenhagen Werner Heisenberg
Marcus Graham The Blue Room Various characters[B]
Benjamin Winspear Great Expectations Pip
Max Cullen Waiting for Godot Estragon (Gogo)
Darren Gilshenan The Servant of Two Masters Truffaldino
David Gulpilil Gulpilil Himself[C]
Frank Gallacher Frozen Ralph
Paul Blackwell Night Letters Robert
Robert Menzies Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe
Richard Piper The Daylight Atheist Dan Morphett
Aaron Pedersen Eating Ice Cream With Eyes Closed Macca
William Zappa Death of a Salesman Willy Loman
Greg Stone Stuff Happens George W. Bush
Robert Menzies Julius Caesar Marcus Brutus
Stephen Dillane Macbeth Various characters[D]
Marcus Graham Oedipus the King Oedipus
Jefferson Mays I Am My Own Wife Charlotte von Mahlsdorf[E]
Cameron Goodall Hamlet Hamlet
John Gaden The Lost Echo Tiresias
Peter Carroll The Season At Sarsaparilla Girlie Pogson
Richard Roxburgh Toy Symphony Roland Henning
Geoffrey Rush Exit the King King Berenger
Marton Csokas Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? George
Martin Niedermair The Tell-Tale Heart Unnamed[F]
Ben Winspear Baghdad Wedding Salim
Colin Moody Antigone Creon
Greg Stone Blackbird Ray
Robert Menzies War of the Roses Henry IV
Ewen Leslie Richard III King Richard III
Paul Blackwell The Hypochondriac Argan
Toby Schmitz Ruben Guthrie Ruben Guthrie
Robert Menzies The End Dying Man[G]
Geoffrey Rush The Diary of a Madman Poprishchin
Richard Roxburgh Uncle Vanya Vanya
Toby Schmitz Much Ado About Nothing Benedick
Lucas Stibbard Boy Girl Wall Thomas, various[H]
Paul Capsis Angela's Kitchen Various
Bille Brown The Histrionic Bruscon
Jack Charles Jack Charles v The Crown Himself
Colin Friels Red Mark Rothko
Colin Friels Death of a Salesman Bruscon
John Bell Henry 4 Falstaff
Colin Moody Forget Me Not Gerry
Nathaniel Dean The Secret River William Thornhill
Richard Roxburgh Waiting for Godot
Paul Blackwell Vere (Faith)
Luke Carroll The Cake Man
Denis O'Hare An Iliad
Hugo Weaving Endgame
Peter Carroll Oedipus Rex
Hunter Page-Lochard Brothers Wreck
Steve Rodgers Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography
Mark Leonard Winter Birdland
Pacharo Mzembe Prize Fighter
Richard Roxburgh The Present
Dan Spielman The Blind Giant is Dancing
Mark Coles Smith The Drover's Wife
Jason Chong Chimerica
Colin Friels Faith Healer
Jason Klarwein Once in Royal David's City

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A^ : The character in The Christian Brothers is known as the "unnamed elderly Christian Brothers’ teacher"[4]
B^ : In The Blue Room Marcus Graham portrayed the male characters: Fred, Anton, Charles, Robert, Malcolm.[5]
C^ : Gulpilil is an autobiographical stage production, where David Gulpilil played himself.[6]
D^ : Macbeth was performed by Stephen Dillane as a one man show, who portrayed over thirty of the characters in the play.[7]
E^ : Jefferson Mays portrayed an additional forty characters in I Am My Own Wife.[8]
F^ : The character in The Tell-Tale Heart does not have a name.[9]
G^ : Robert Menzies' character in The End doesn't have a name and is known simply as Dying Man.[10]
H^ : Lucas Stibbard plays the lead roles of Thomas and Alethea, and various other characters in Boy Girl Wall.[11]


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