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Helen Oy
Industry Energy
Founded 1909
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Key people
Pekka Manninen (president)
Products Energy generation and distribution
Website www.helen.fi

Helen Oy, formerly known as Helsingin Energia (Finnish) or Helsingfors Energi (Swedish), is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. The company, founded in 1909, is owned by the city of Helsinki and it produces and sells electricity, district heating and district cooling.

Helen is headquartered in the Sähkötalo building in central Helsinki and it operates five power plants in Helsinki and four in the Kymenlaakso region. Additionally, the company has nine district heating plants in Helsinki.


The first electricity company was constructed in Helsinki in 1884 and several energy companies were established over the following 20 years. However, each of these new companies only produced enough electricity to power a few city blocks.[1]

Helsingin kaupungin sähkölaitos (electricity works of the City of Helsinki) was established in 1909. Every small electricity companies in Helsinki were transferred to the ownership of the City.[1]

In 1977 the company was combined with "Helsingin kaupungin kaasulaitos" (Helsinki city's gas works), which produced coal gas. After this, Helsingin kaupungin sähkölaitos was renamed "Helsingin kaupungin energialaitos" (Helsinki city's energy plant).

Later the production of coal gas was ceased, and the gas pipes were sold to a company called Helsinkikaasu, which started to provide natural gas.

In 1995 the name of the company was changed to Helsingin Energia.[1] In 2015, the company was restructured as a limited company and renamed Helen Oy.[2]

District heating production[edit]

In 1953 Helsingin Energia started to produce district heating. Nowadays over 90% of apartments in Helsinki use district heating.[3] Helsingin Energia is the biggest company in Finland that sells district heating.

Electricity production[edit]

The company sells electricity to over 400,000 customers around Finland.[3] Approximately 74% of the electricity is produced in power plants located in Helsinki.


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