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Helton Godwin Baynes, also known as ‘Peter’ Baynes (26 June 1882, Hampstead – 1943), was an English analytical psychologist and author, who was a friend and translator of Carl Jung.

Baynes was educated at the Quaker school, Leighton Park (along with two other leading members of the British Psychoanalytical Society: John Rickman and Lionel Penrose) and then at Trinity College, Cambridge where he read medicine and where he won Blues for Rowing and Swimming two years running.

He became a House Physician at St Bartholomew's Hospital. In 1913 he married Rosalind Thornycroft (1891-1973),[1] divorcing her in 1921. (Rosalind, a friend of D. H. Lawrence,[2] later married the art historian Arthur E. Popham.[3]) That year he started collaborating with Cary Angulo, née Fink (1883-1977) in translating Jung.[4] Baynes accompanied Jung on his expedition to East Africa in 1925-26.[5] In 1927 he married Cary Angulo.[4]


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