Helyx Bridge

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Coordinates: 29°38′27.84″N 82°20′21.55″W / 29.6410667°N 82.3393194°W / 29.6410667; -82.3393194

Helyx Bridge
HelyxBridge SouthEast Night.jpg
Coordinates 29°38′N 82°20′W / 29.64°N 82.34°W / 29.64; -82.34Coordinates: 29°38′N 82°20′W / 29.64°N 82.34°W / 29.64; -82.34
Carries Pedestrians, Cyclists
Crosses US 441
Locale Gainesville, Florida
Official name Helyx Bridge
Material Aluminum, concrete
Opened 1980s (as a rail trail), 2012 (re-opening)

The Helyx Bridge, unofficially dubbed the DNA Bridge, is a pedestrian and bicycle overpass located in Gainesville, Florida. It crosses over U.S. Route 441 (US 441).


The bridge was originally built to carry rail traffic on a line that paralleled the modern day Archer Road toward what is now the Old Gainesville Depot. When the line was converted to a rail trail in the 1980s,[1] the bridge was converted for pedestrian use, and a steel cage-like structure was installed. In 2009, the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency determined that a refresh would be needed to improve the structure's appearance and improve the image conveyed by what was a gateway to the city. In March 2012, construction started on a new design resembling a strand of DNA, with the bridge re-opening on Thanksgiving[2][3]


When the bridge was rebuilt in 2012, it was designed as a nod to Gainesville's past as a railroad town, as well as its future in the high-tech industry and the nearby University of Florida Health Science Center. Although built to resemble a strand of DNA, the structure is not a true double helix, but instead a pair of connected sine waves 180 degrees out of phase. At night, the bridge is lit by an array of LED lights[4]

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