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Rai Bahadur Hem Chandra Bose (Bengali: হেমচন্দ্র বোস) with Azizul Haque, the two Indian employees of the Calcutta Anthropometric Bureau (before it became the Fingerprint Bureau), working under the supervision of Edward Henry have been credited with the primary development of the fingerprint classification system eventually named after their supervisor, and is known as the Henry Classification System of fingerprint.[1][2][3]

Haque & Bose(1897)[edit]

On 12 June 1897, the Council of the Governor General of India approved a committee report that fingerprints should be used for classification of criminal records. After that year, the Kolkata Anthropometric Bureau became the world's first Fingerprint Bureau. He was working in the Calcutta Anthropometric Bureau (before it became the Fingerprint Bureau) with Azizul Haque. He and Haque were the two Indian fingerprint experts credited with primary development of the Henry Classification System (named for their supervisor, Edward Richard Henry). The Henry Classification System is still used in all English-speaking countries (primarily as the manual filing system for accessing paper archive files that have not been scanned and computerized).[4][5]


  • Finger Print Companion (1927) [6]

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