Hemant Shesh

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Hemant Shesh
Hemant Shesh 5.jpg
Born 28 December 1952
Jaipur, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Writer, Poet, painter, photographer and Ex-senior Civil Servant
Known for Published 15 books of own work

Hemant Shesh (born 28 December 1952 in Jaipur, Rajasthan[1]) is a celebrated Indian Hindi writer, poet and civil servant.[2]


Hemant Shesh completed his post graduate education in Sociology from the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur in 1977. He then joined the Rajasthan Administrative Service in the same year.[1] He has worked on many senior positions in the Government including Dy. Secretary to His Excellency the Governor of Rajasthan, Secretary Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Secretary, Rajasthan Information Commission, and also as District collector and magistrate in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan state. Hemant Shesh has retired from the Indian Administrative Service as Registrar for the Board of revenue in Ajmer, Rajasthan.[3]

Writings and publications[edit]

He has published over twenty eight books including 15 of his own writings while the rest were ones he edited.[2][4] and has been editor for Kala-Prayojan a quarterly literary magazine.[5] Among his published work are thirteen poetry collections.[6] His poetry has also been translated into other languages, including non-Indian languages.[5] Shesh has received many awards and honours[6]

Major Books published[edit]

  • Jaari Itihaas Ke Viruddha, 1974 (long poem)
  • Beswaad Hawayen, 1981 (monograph)
  • Kripal Singh Shekhawat, 1981 (monograph)
  • Ghar-Baahar, 1982 (poetry collection)
  • Neend men Mohenjodaro, 1988 (poetry collection)
  • Vrikshon Ke Swapna, 1988 (poetry collection)
  • Ashuddha Saarang, 1991 (poetry collection)
  • Kasht Ke Liye Kshamaa, 1995 (Poetry collection)
  • Kripayaa anyathaa Na Len, 1999 (Long poem)
  • Aap Ko yah Jaan Kar Prasanntaa Hogee, 2001 (poetry collection)
  • Jagah Jaasee Jagah, 2006 (poetry collection)
  • Bahut Kuchh Jaisaa Kuchh Naheen (poetry collection) 2007
  • Prapanch-Saar-Subodhnee (poetry collection)2009
  • Khed-Yog-Pradeep (poetry collection)2012
  • Raat Ka pahaad (short story collection)2012

Books in print[edit]

  • Rajasthan Mein Aadhunik Kala (art-criticism)

Awards and honours[edit]

Apart from many honours and public felicitations, he was awarded the K. K. Birla Foundation's Bihari Puraskar, a national award for the year 2009 for his collection of poetry titled Jagah Jaisi Jagah.[7] He has also been awarded by the Government of Rajasthan for 'original outstanding creative writing'. (1988)


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