Hemifacial hypertrophy

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Hemifacial hypertrophy
Autosomal dominant - en.svg
This condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner[1]

Hemifacial hypertrophy (also termed facial hemihypertrophy,[2] facial hemihyperplasia,[2] or Friedreich's disease)[3] abbreviated as (HFH) is rare congenital disease characterized by unilateral enlargement of the head and teeth.[4][5] It is classified as true HFH (THFH) with unilateral enlargement of the viscerocranium, and partial HFH (PHFH) in which not all structures are enlarged. Hemifacial hypertrophy can cause a wide spectrum of defects or may involve only muscle or bone.[5] it is usually treated surgically.[6] It is believed to be a minor form of hemihypertrophy.[7]


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