Hemispheres (Lily Afshar album)

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Lily- afshar2006.jpg
Studio album by Lily Afshar
Released 2006
Genre Contemporary classical music
Length 55:08
Label Archer Records
Producer Lily Afshar
Lily Afshar chronology
Possession Hemispheres

Hemispheres is the fourth studio album by the classical guitarist Lily Afshar, released in 2006 through Archer Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Kara Toprak" Asik Veysel  
2. "Schnee in Istanbul" Carlo Domeniconi  
3. "Gozaar (Calligraphy No. 5)" Reza Vali  
4. "Triptych, Op. 102: Prelude" Gerard Drozd  
5. "Triptych, Op. 102: Eternal Song" Gerard Drozd  
6. "Triptych, Op. 102: Dreams of a Clown" Gerard Drozd  
7. "Prelude" John Schneider  
8. "Fugato" John Schneider  
9. "Adagio, Op. 44"    
10. "Danza del Altiplano" Leo Brouwer  
11. "Fantasia on a Traditional Persian Song "Morgh-eh-Sahar" (Bird of Dawn)" Garry Eister  
12. "Morgh-eh-Sahar (Bird of Dawn)" Morteza Neydavoud  
13. "Misionera" Fernando Bustamante  


The album was well received, called "A skillful combination of contemporary classical music with Persian traditional music".[2] A reviewer wrote of "The naturally warm, rich and resonating guitar sound",[3] and another described the album as "...melodic, with [...] ethnic rhythms".[4]



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