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Hemlock is a free Emacs text editor for most POSIX-compliant Unix systems. It follows the tradition of the Lisp Machine editor ZWEI and the ITS/TOPS-20 implementation of Emacs, but differs from XEmacs or GNU Emacs, the most popular Emacs variants, in that it is written in Common Lisp rather than Emacs Lisp — although it borrows features from the later editors.

Hemlock is integrated with the Common Lisp compiler, interpreter, and development suite CMUCL, though it is possible to use it as a standalone editor, or to use GNU Emacs with CMUCL instead — Hemlock integrates better, but has fewer features and addon programs. One distinctive feature is that Hemlock distinguishes Lisp function names from interactive command names, which are given in a more natural-language-like style derived from the original Lisp machine and TECO Emacs. It is able to display to a terminal, or use the CLX (Common Lisp X Library) for X11.

Hemlock is also the editor of the Clozure CL (formerly OpenMCL) development environment. The editor of LispWorks has been based on Hemlock also.

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