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Hemmant Canoe Ramp (6971742096).jpg
Canoe ramp at Fleming Road Park, Hemmant
Hemmant is located in Queensland
Coordinates27°26′54″S 153°07′49″E / 27.4483°S 153.1302°E / -27.4483; 153.1302Coordinates: 27°26′54″S 153°07′49″E / 27.4483°S 153.1302°E / -27.4483; 153.1302
Population2,385 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density350.7/km2 (908/sq mi)
Area6.8 km2 (2.6 sq mi)
Time zoneAEST (UTC+10:00)
Location15.3 km (10 mi) E of Brisbane CBD
LGA(s)City of Brisbane
(Doboy Ward)[3]
State electorate(s)Lytton
Federal division(s)Bonner
Suburbs around Hemmant:
Murarrie Pinkenba Lytton
Murarrie Hemmant Wynnum West
Murarrie Tingalpa Tingalpa

Hemmant is a suburb of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[4] In the 2016 census, Hemmant had a population of 2,385 people.[1]


Hemmant is 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) by road east of the Brisbane CBD.

Hemmant is bounded by the Brisbane River to the north and Bulimba Creek to the west.[5]

The Fishermans Islands freight railway line and the Cleveland railway line run parallel through the suburb from west (Murarrie) to east (Wynnum West). The Hemmant railway station serves the suburb with passenger services on the Cleveland line (27°26′50″S 153°07′38″E / 27.4473°S 153.127345°E / -27.4473; 153.127345 (Hemmant railway station)).[5]

The Port of Brisbane Motorway and Lytton Road both enter the suburb from the west (Murarrie) and exit to the north-west (Lytton). The destination for both routes is ultimately the Port of Brisbane.[5]

The land north of the railway lines (where the major roads pass through) is principally used for industrial purposes influenced by the proximity of and access to the port, while south of the railway lines is mostly residential use.[5]


The suburb of Hemmant was named after William Hemmant.
Sugar mills with South Sea Islander workers posing.

In 1858 the land of Hemmant area was sold for fruit, vegetable growing and farming in general. Early 1860s sugar cane was farmed and mills were built to process the cane. Gibsons Clydesdale mill was well known as was a co-operative mill at Murarrie in 1872.

Bulimba State School (also known as Bulimba Creek State School) opened on 8 May 1864, but was renamed Doughboy State School in 1869. in 1876 it was renamed Hemmant State School. The school closed in 2010. The buildings were then reused to establish Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre.[6][7][8] (This school is unrelated to the Bulimba State School in Bulimba).

Tingalpa Cemetery had its first burial in 1875. In 1913 it was renamed Hemmant Cemetery. Lawn cemeteries were added from 1952. In 2001 a crematorium opened at the cemetery.[9] Despite the name change, as at 2020, it is within the boundaries of Tingalpa and not Hemmant (27°28′05″S 153°08′04″E / 27.4680°S 153.1344°E / -27.4680; 153.1344 (Hemmant Cemetery)).[5]

Part of Hemmant was originally known as "Doughboy Creek" The whole district had been named after William Hemmant a local parliamentarian in 1876. He was treasurer in the Macalister government and between 1873 and 1876 represented the Bulimba electorate.[10][4]

Real estate map of Queensport Aquarium Estate, Hemmant, 1889

In 1889 Queensport Aquarium opened in Hemmant (the present-day location is Aquarium Avenue in Murarrie, 27°26′49″S 153°06′07″E / 27.447°S 153.102°E / -27.447; 153.102 (Queensport Aquarium)).[11] It had a zoo, an aquarium and dance halls and other entertainments. Visitors arrived by riverboats until the 1893 flood during which the animals were rescued but the attractions were damaged closed down. It had closed by the late 1890s,[11] but a dance hall continued to operate until 1901.[10]

St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church opened on 25 September 1955.[12]

St Philip's Anglican Church was dedicated on 3 May 1964 by Coadjutor Bishop Hudson. It closed circa 1975.[13]

In 1988 an old quarry site became the Hemmant Quarry Reserve, next to the Hemmant Cemetery (which, despite their names, are now within the boundaries of Tingalpa not Hemmant).[14]

Bayside Uniting Church was established in 1990 in Wondall Road, Manly West, combining four Uniting Churches located at:[15]

  • Ashton Street, Wynnum, a former Methodist Church
  • Kingsley Terrace, Manly, a former Methodist Church
  • Preston Road, Manly West, a former Methodist Church
  • Yamboyna Street, Manly, a former Congregational Church

Due to earlier or later closures, the Bayside Uniting Church also incorporated congregations from:[15]

  • "The Springs" Methodist Church in Manly Road, Manly West
  • Lota Methodist Church in Ambool Street, Lota
  • Lindum Methodist Church at 174 Sibley Road, Wynnum West
  • Hemmant Methodist Church in Hemmant-Tingalpa Road, Hemmant

Population growth[edit]

Census Date Population
1911 292
1921 432
1947 614
1976 1,426
1991 1,579
2001 2,209
2006 2,680[16]
2011 2,594[17]
2016 2,385.[1]


In the 2011 census, Hemmant recorded a population of 2,594 people, 50.4% female and 49.6% male.[17]

The median age of the Hemmant population was 34 years of age, 3 years below the Australian median.

74.9% of people living in Hemmant were born in Australia, compared to the national average of 69.8%; the next most common countries of birth were New Zealand 8.2%, England 3.3%, Philippines 1.6%, Fiji 0.8%, China 0.5%.

88.4% of people spoke only English at home; the next most common languages were 0.8% Cantonese, 0.8% Hindi, 0.5% Tagalog, 0.5% Filipino, 0.5% Vietnamese.

Heritage listings[edit]

Hemmant has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

  • 214, 241, 228 and 274 Fleming Road: Hemmant Gun Battery (also known as Hemmant Gun Emplacements, 390 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Station Class A)[18]
  • 49 Gosport Street: Queensport Hotel[19]
  • 60 Gross Avenue: Early Farmhouse[20]
  • 56 Hemmant-Tingalpa Road: Hemmant State School and Dumbarton (also known as Doughboy Creek Mixed School, Bulimba Creek School, Ashcroft House, Gibson House, Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre)[21]
  • 69 Hemmant-Tingalpa Road: Hemmant Christian Community Church (also known as Tingalpa Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hemmant Methodist Church, Hemmant Uniting Church)[22]
  • 109 Hemmant-Tingalpa Road (corner of Boonoo Street): Anning Monument (also known as Hemmant Boer War Memorial)[23]
  • 180 Youngs Road: former United States Army Transmitting Station[24]


Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre is a Catholic secondary (7-12) school for boys and girls at 56 Hemmant-Tingalpa Road (27°26′53″S 153°07′36″E / 27.4480°S 153.1268°E / -27.4480; 153.1268 (Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre)).[6][7] In 2017, the school had an enrolment of 97 students with 10 teachers (8 full-time equivalent) and 12 non-teaching staff (9 full-time equivalent).[25]

There are no government schools in Hemmant. The nearest government primary schools are in Murarrie, Tingalpa, Wynnum, and Wynnum West. The nearest government secondary school is Brisbane Bayside State College in Wynnum West.[5]


St Joseph the Worker Church is a Roman Catholic church on the corner of Youngs Road and Peplow Street where mass is celebrated every Sunday (27°27′13″S 153°08′19″E / 27.4536°S 153.1386°E / -27.4536; 153.1386 (St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church)).[12]

The Hemmant Quarry Reserve (immediately adjacent in Tingalpa) is 24 hectares (59 acres) and has walking tracks and picnic facilities.[14]


Hemmant railway station provides access to regular Queensland Rail City network services to Brisbane and Cleveland.


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