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Hemnfjorden is located in Sør-Trøndelag
Location in Sør-Trøndelag

The Hemnfjorden is a fjord in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The 25-kilometre (16 mi) long fjord flows south from the Trondheimsleia and forms the boundary between the municipalities of Hemne and Snillfjord. The Åstfjorden and Snillfjorden branch off the main Hemnfjorden to the east into Snillfjord.

The village of Heim lies along the western shore of the fjord, and the municipal center of Hemne, Kyrksæterøra lies at the southern end of the fjord.[1]


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Coordinates: 63°27′11″N 9°06′25″E / 63.45306°N 9.10694°E / 63.45306; 9.10694